Hello, world!

We’ve all been there. You are almost finished getting ready, about to put on your mascara/lipstick/eyeliner to finish off your gorgeous face, and then you lose all motor control and smear a glob of something in the wrong place. Like between your eyes, on the bridge of your nose. Not like I’m speaking from multiple past experiences or anything.

So what do you do? Let me help you!! And I hope you’ll comment any quick-fix solutions you’ve come across as well. Knowledge is power, ladies!

Issue: I just got lipstick/gloss/liner way outside of my lip line.
Solution: Stop. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. Now take a tissue or Q-Tip and DAB any excess lip product off your lips. Do not smear it around. Now, take a small concealer or detail brush (Use the accent brush) and conceal the skin/product around your lip line. Blend outward from your lips so it meets the rest of your makeup without a harsh line. If you need more coverage, apply another layer of foundation. It won’t kill you to have more layers. Set with your powder or a translucent powder. Start again with another deep breath.

Issue: I just totally effed up my liner and I look criminally insane.
Solution: Assuming you’re not actually criminally insane, take a deep breath. You will take the same steps no matter the kind of eyeliner, but liquid and gel dry very quickly, so move fast. Take a small angled eyeliner brush or smudge brush. Smudge and smoke the heck out of that eyeliner line. Sorry, but your look has evolved a little bit. But at least people won’t spend the day trying to commit you. If time permits, top with a layer of your lid eye shadow(s). If not, skip, and then apply an eye shadow in a similar color as the eyeliner, soft and smokey. Then apply a new eyeliner line. The smokey line of eye shadow will help it be more forgiving.

Issue: Help! Clownface McGillicutty over here just put on waaaaay too much blush.
Solution: Laugh at yourself, then get a clean, fluffy brush. Swirl it over your cheeks to blend the color out. If it is still too much, apply a light layer of your face powder. If you don’t wear a face powder, blend more, then lightly dab with a tissue to see if any will fade. Also remember, 97% of blushes fade throughout the day.

Issue: Major Eyeshadow Fallout. (When your eyeshadow falls off your eyelid and lands on your cheeks)
Solution: If you have already set with a powder, swirl a clean brush over the eye shadow, without pressing it too firmly into the skin. If there is some that has smeared, swirl until it’s gone/faded, and reapply some powder. This should help with all but the blackest of blacks or the cheapest of cheaps. If your skin is still tacky, dip a clean brush in your powder and lightly, lightly try to swirl it off your face. In the case of major smearage, you will have to reapply your foundation (again, another layer won’t kill you) and set with powder. In the future, tap your brush against the edge of the palette or your finger to shake off any extra shadow before putting it on your face. Also, invest in some better-formulated eyeshadow. Fallout should be minimum, even in drugstore brands.

Issue: Mascara blob. On my face.
Solution: DON’T. TOUCH. IT. Back away slowly. Let the blob completely, 100% dry. Don’t even look at it rudely or cuss it out, or it could revolt. If you’re in a rush to get out the door, throw your concealer, foundation, and powder in your purse, then hit the road. Let it dry on your commute. Don’t touch it. Let the air conditioner in your car blow on it full force. Once it’s 100% dry, simply scratch it off with your fingernail. Seriously. It’ll flake right off. If there is any discoloration, apply a small pat of powder to smooth it out. If you didn’t let it dry all the way, and end up with the ugly bruise-smear, then you’re going to have to mix a drop of foundation with a drop of concealer, pat it on, and set with powder. Apply and blend to a larger portion than just the smear to help camouflage.

Let me know any other issues you need help with, or if you have any tips/tricks for the rest of us!

Y’all have a great day!

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