Day 4 of 2014, and I’ve accomplished basically nothing. The Hubbit and I are still terribly sick. I have been working or watching HGTV nonstop before popping Nyquil, waking up to cough up snot, then repeating, ad nauseam.

The Hubbit’s experience can be summed up in this meme he made, describing tonight’s interactions, when I came home from a full Saturday of work:

memePoor guy. But man, is he funny. I didn’t mean anything by it, but the first words out of my mouth were, “You’re super hot.” We’re thinking he needs to go to a “real doctor,” since the CVS Minute Clinic gave him some cough pills and a nose spray and said, “You might have a cold, and you might have allergies. If you don’t feel better in two weeks, come back.” He felt worse the next day.

I, however, am starting to feel better. Despite the fact (full disclosure) that I spit coughed-up snot onto myself instead of into my snot-cup in the car. Thanks be to God it was on my way home, and not into the office. I’m hoping we continue to bounce back at Chateau Vincent so we can start setting up our new house! I am not a patient lady. Which, I believe was a resolution. Tomorrow I’ll recharge and start one of the 50 books for the year. And I’ll be happy about it. As long as I don’t cover myself in more snot.

And a Happy New Year,

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