Here I am, in my cubicle, shivering with fever chills, wishing I could be home in bed. I am, however, thankful for the heat of this Atkins frozen dinner chicken broccoli Alfredo. Except that when I opened it, it spewed cheese sauce all over my January 2014 desk calendar. This is why I can’t have nice things. I usually move my food to the side of my desk calendar, but every other square inch of my desk is covered with backed-up paperwork.

And that about sums up 2013.

December 31st, 2013 was spent becoming sick, which was quite evident when I laid my grown butt down on the floor of my almost empty apartment and cried because there was no way we were going to finish moving out. Then I made a grocery list, had the most harrowing HEB trip of my life, raced home, moved still-full boxes around our not even remotely unpacked new rental house, showered, raced through makeup, went to dinner with friends, then hosted a small New Year’s Eve party. And I chose to drink prosecco and champagne over taking medicine to help me heal, because, excuse me, I hand-candied lemon peel for my punch and I was effing going to drink it.

January 1st, 2014, I peeled myself out of bed, coughed at my husband, and spent the day watching HGTV and feverishly searching for decorative pillows online. ($50? Are you kidding me, Crate & Barrel? Still love you, though.) So today on my drive in to work, I began finalizing my resolutions. I usually make quite lofty ones. (Lose ALL THE WEIGHT! Workout 73 times a minute! Take 973 different classes! Become internet-famous for an awesome Instagram of my food!) This year, however, I’m concentrating on moving forward and overcoming. 2013 was amazing. Amazing and wonderful, and verrrrrryyyyyy stressful. There is not enough consonant repetition in the world to show you how serious I am right now. And so, I present to you, in no particular order, my 14 resolutions for 2014. A day late and a dollar short, but whatever. I will overcome.

14 Resolutions for 2014

1) Read 50 books.
2) Blog 104 posts
3) Finish writing and editing my novel, and begin querying.
4) Read bible/ have quiet time daily
5) Cook/Provide at least 16 meals for us each week. (No more crap cafeteria food for me, reduced donut runs for the Husband)
6) Keep us healthy. (Vitamins. Healthy food. Sleeping.)
7) Work out at least once a week
8) Be kinder and more patient
9) Love more, and cultivate friendships
10) See our families more
11) Save money
12) Volunteer once a quarter
13) Practice thankfulness daily
14) Remember to take time to recharge Every. Single. Week.

Now, back to my cheese.


3 thoughts on “I Already Got Cheese on my 2014 Calendar

  1. Kate

    Good resolutions! Good job friend! :) And I must admit I was thinking you made a reservation at The Melting Pot when I read the title haha


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