A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. And this Halloween costume would smell like what it is: A flaming poop. “Hot Sh!t,” to be exact.

This exists, y'all.

This exists, y’all.

I got my new social security card in the mail. My name is officially Kaitlin Vincent, which bodes well for this website. It is a little bittersweet, more so than I thought it would be, saying goodbye to my maiden name. I had some good times as KCW. Lots of good times, really. A wonderful and amazing childhood and life with my awesome family. College. Jobs. Two summers in Los Angeles. My realization that Young Adult Fantasy was my life calling…

But more than sad or nostalgic about my old name, I’m excited about my new name. Kaitlin Vincent is approximately 15 days old. I feel like I have a completely new slate. I can be whatever I want to be. I can create myself.

Kaitlin Vincent is loving. She loves harder, deeper, more Christ-like. She loves herself, too, because she hasn’t been bogged down with the messages of the media and her peers that tell her she’s not whatever enough. A benefit of being 15 days old. She has more patience with boring people. Because they can’t help being boring and it’s not fair to stare at them in hatred when they talk about mind-numbing, boring things.

Kaitlin Vincent is passionate. She carves out time to inspire herself, and maybe others along the way. She explores things she loves, like reading, writing, cooking, and internet memes.

Kaitlin Vincent is a successful writer. She’s successful because she actually writes. She works on it. She puts herself out there. And she will be recognized for it one day.

Kaitlin Vincent is put together. She doesn’t roll out of bed and go to the day job looking homeless. She has fabulous necklaces and fabulous lipstick. Sometimes her hair might need combing, but that’s okay. She knows she’s not perfect.

Kaitlin Vincent is aware of who she is. She celebrates her strengths and weaknesses. She doesn’t hide herself to pretend to fit in. She’s a freak, and she knows it, but she’s also a rather lovable freak, with good intentions.

Kaitlin Vincent tells her husband to take out the trash instead of asking. Just kidding, baby. (But seriously… …)

Kaitlin Vincent has a deep relationship with God, and actively works to make it deeper.

Kaitlin Vincent is like, really pretty. But not because she obsesses over it and wishes she were prettier. Because she knows her beauty doesn’t come from physical standards. She’s beautiful in the way she finds every single person beautiful. And that’s something to celebrate.

Kaitlin Vincent is me. The same me I’ve always been, more or less, but I feel so free being able to carve this identity out. Just another beautiful perk I’ve discovered in marriage. Poop costume notwithstanding.

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