I am in a season of purging. Of Spring Cleaning and Life’s Meaning.

I am purging toxins from my body and from my diet. I am purging clutter from my life and my home and that ever-looming To Do List.

I am purging lies.

Lies told to my heart. Lies I tell to myself. Lies that women are force-fed all day, every day.

And it hurts. This Period of Purge, these Days of Detox. There are headaches and heart aches. There is the Refiner’s Fire that burns and cleanses and even though it hurts, and every single molecule of you is screaming in pain, longing for the deceitfully cold shadow of sin, the only relief lies before you.

And soon, like an adrenaline junkie, you crave more. What else can you sacrifice? What else can you cleanse? What else is holding you down. Holding the True You down under that delicious shadow of sin? What lies are you still believing? What lies can your heart fight today?

And that feeling is amazing. Knowing that the freedom from toxins, from junk, from people, from sin, from BLAH, is the most amazing, peaceful place to be. And that you have the power to simply surrender your slavery to God, and to change; with Him, through Him, for Him, is one of the most beautiful realities of my existence. And I am joyful.

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