I love party dresses. And I love the holidays. I love these two things together. I still have fever, so I have no clue what I’m actually writing.

1) Jazz Soiree Sequin Dress

Well if this isn't the funky-fresh NYE dress of my dreams. Someone rock this. Please.

Well if this isn’t the funky-fresh NYE dress of my dreams. Someone rock this. Please.

2) Crafted One Shoulder Cocktail Dress

2 Crafted One Shoulder

Well won’t you just look like a Christmas package with that big, frilly nonsense???

3) Cut Out Back Dress

3 Cut Out Back Dress

This is so sexy. Someone please, please, have the body for this dress, and wear it.

4) Golden Girl Scalloped Brocade Dress

4 Golden Girl Scalloped Brocade

Someone please wear this to the ballet. With burgundy shoes. Thank you.

5) One Shoulder Draped Dress

5 One Shoulder Draped

You have a bow tied right ’round your middle!!!!

6) Lace Fit and Flare Dress

6 Lace Fit-and-Flare

This is the most glorious Christmas Eve dress ever. Please wear it under a black pea coat. Thanks.

7) Spark of Light Metallic Maxi

7 Spark of Light Metallic Maxi

Okay, this is Out of Stock. And I’m sorry. But please let it serve as inspiration!!!!! This is awesome!! Perfect if you have legions of adoring fans or a fashion blog.

8) Sleeveless Colorblocked Maxi

8 Sleeveless Colorblocked Maxi

My goal in life is to be fierce enough to wear this dress. I know it’s expensive. But it makes a STATEMENT.

9) Colorblock Maxi Dress

9 Colorbloack Maxi

I’m not saying your hair will find its own wind like that, but I am saying you’ll look amazing anyway. This is sexy and demure all at once. Someone, please wear this.


And those are some dresses I love. Now someone invite me to some more parties!!! … Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


May Your Dress Be Merry and Bright,


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