Really, I should have known better.

Sunday morning I rolled over in my bed and was a little dizzy. I’ve been a little dizzy since then, when I turn my head too fast or bend over or roll over in my bed… sometimes. It hasn’t really been enough to concern me, but when I felt lightheaded to the point of fainting today at work, I did something dumb.

I should have known not to Google “lightheaded.”

But I did. And now, not only am I pregnant, but I probably also have diabetes and vertigo and have crystals in my ears that will make me dizzy forever.

Never mind the fact that it’s probably just low blood pressure due to natural causes (…awkward…) or that maybe I have congestion/fluid in my ears from allergies or a little baby cold. Or maybe that I haven’t been eating breakfast/protein in the morning. Yes, never mind that.

I’ll just cry here in my cubicle over my immaculate conception diabetic ear crystal child.

Douche move, internet, douche move.

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Internet

  1. Katrina Stonoff

    ROFL! Isn’t that the truth?

    If it turns out to be the crystals-in-the-ear thing though, that’s not permanent. It’s fairly easily diagnosed if you find someone who is familiar with it (and once you know it, you can diagnose it yourself from then on).

    And the Eppley maneuver is remarkably effective as treatment. And again, I’ve found I can treat myself at home if it comes back (as it does now and then).


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