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I hope your weekend was equal parts smashing and relaxing. Some of you lovely people have submitted unto me some makeup questions, so let’s jump in, eh? Another edition of Reader Questions, here we go!

Q1) S wants a recommendation for a blush that’s both long-lasting and moisturizing.

A1) Your best bet is a cheek stain or a cream blusher.

High-end brands I love:

Tarte Cheek Stain

Seen here in the shade “Loving” which I am, well, loving.

Illamasqua Cream Blusher

Pictured shade “Petal Pink.” Lovely.

As for a more bargain brand, I have not PERSONALLY tried this product, but as far as I can tell it’s the only drugstore brand worth trying. It has rave reviews on Ulta.com

Revlon Cream Blush

Pictured in “Rosy Glow.”

You apply cream blush same as regular blush. Get just a bit on a blush brush and swirl onto the apples of your cheeks. You generally need far less product with a cream or gel, though, so be careful! Test on your hand, first!

Q2) A wants to know about summer to winter skincare.

A2) It’s all about moisturizing, baby. NEXT QUESTION.

… Kidding! But really. Even my oily-@$$ skin dries up in the winter months.

Think multi-layer defense, here.

Invest in a good moisturizer.
An eye cream.
A body lotion.
An intense lip balm.

Moisturize as often as you feel you need to. There are no rules, only uncracked skin. Godspeed.

Q3) W wants to know how to avoid or conceal dark circles under your eyes.

A3) First of all, get lots of sleep. This is where I slam another coffee and laugh maniacally at my own suggestion.

For those of us not blessed with stress-free lives, our handy BFFE, Makeup, has our backs. First, do you just have dark circles, or are you like me and get swollen little slits (wrote sluts and laughed and laughed) of eyes buried amongst bags?

If you’re talking measly circles, invest in a peach-tinted concealer to combat the purple/blue of the circles and get out of this blog post. If you have bags, first invest in an undereye cream. There are many different brands, drugstore and department store alike. Anything that will wake your eyes up!

Next, apply peach-tinted concealer to combat the blue. I’m not aware of any drugstore brands that offer this, as it’s a little more “Makeup Artist-y” of a product, but I know Bobbi Brown, YSL, and Makeup Forever all have their own versions as well as many other brands.

Finally, I would avoid emphasizing your under-eye area in your makeup. Only apply one small coat of mascara to your bottom lashes, taking extra care not to get any on your lash line or your skin. Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara is perfect for days like this, as it has the world’s tinest applicator. Or, skip bottom lash mascara all-together.

Don’t put ANY eyeliner on your bottom lashes. Instead, play up your top lashes. Do a winged liner to lift the eye overall and draw attention away from your under-eye area. Similarly, don’t put ANY eyeshadow under your eye. It will just enhance that which we’ve worked so hard to conceal.

See how small the applicator is?*

* Picture stolen from this lovely review.

4) Marshmallow** wants to know how to do a metallic eye and not end up looking like this:

My God, I love Ke$ha

**Not her real name, though I wish it were.

A4) The trick here is layering metallic shadows with the mattest of matte.

Keep the metallics on the lid and under the eye. Maaaaaybe in the crease, but blend out to a matte shadow on the browbone. Never put a metallic on your highlight areas. Unless you’re going for “Editorial Alien.” Then, RAWK it.

Concentrate a matte black (or dark shade of blue, purple, etc.) on your outer corner.


Q5) P@ wants to know how to rock a retro look with a modern vibe.

A5) FUN! The appeal of retro makeup are the iconic shapes. So, I say, study the shapes and the shading of a retro look you like and then have fun playing with all of the textures and finishes that are available to us today.

Take this 1940’s-inspired look:


Update it by using shadows with shimmer and glitter, or by throwing on an unexpected lip color. How fabulous would this be with purple lips? The world (of eyemakeup) is your oyster!

That’s all for this installment! If you have questions to submit, leave them in the comments below, or email them to me at KaitlinWehlmann.contact@gmail.com

Thanks for your questions, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Fighting the Urge to Quit My Job and Run to Sephora,

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  1. marisagporter@gmail.com

    You have to love Tarte Cheek Stain. Next discount sale I think I am going to purchase some (had a sample and ran out). It was the best blush In The World. It looks expensive up front, but per ounce is less than NYX cream blush, which is only $5.00 for .12 oz. This is a whole ounce of product!


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