Hallelujah, PTL, and Amen, it is FINALLY Friday!

I never thought this day would come. Not since last Friday has a Friday felt so good. Except this one has a little something extra to it, because last night I signed the contract for our wedding venue. I am through-the-roof ecstatic. In typical Kaitlin fashion, I’m so happy I could weep!

A tiny, un-love part of my heart is also excited for the return of Fashion Friday! And with that in mind, full steam ahead to a random list of things that I adore and want in my closet. Anon, dear friends, anon!

1) Corduroy Pants

Crimson cords are all the rage in the closet I wish I had. Rock them loud and proud and know I’m jealous.

2) Embellished Long-Sleeve Top

I would punch someone for this shirt. I can’t imagine a situation where I’d have to, but I totally would. LOOK AT THE SPARKLES.

3) Embroidered Bib Blouse

Everyone needs a cool white blouse, and I love the sumptuous detail on this one.

4) Eversoft Cardigan

A sweater that’s supposed to be the machine-washable version of cashmere? AWESOME.

5) Faux Crocodile Leopard Print Satchel

Do I love it because it looks like my Betsey Johnson bag, or does it look like my Betsey Johnson bag because I love it?

6) Fluid Blouson Dress

I am picturing this over opaque black tights and under a black moto jacket, and I am congratulating myself on styling this perfectly.

7) Hellenic Grace One-Shoulder Maxi Dress

I am gasping and weeping and gnashing my teeth over the beautiful drama of this dress. What a cruel world that I don’t own it.

8) Knit Belted Sweater Dress

Just don’t wear it over your cranberry pants.

9) Rogerrr Riding Boot

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU NEVER HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR PURSE AGAIN! Black and brown leather take these classics into the realm of, “I need your sweet lovin’, get in my cart.”

10) Silky Button Front Blouse

This is an awesome blouse. You should buy it. Thanks. Also, get one for me. Double thanks.

And that’s about all I have to say about that.

Y’all have a GREAT weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week!

Your Enabler,

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