Happy Monday! Only 12 days until Christmas! O, happiest of happies! If spoiling your loved ones or paying your heating bills has you strapped for cash, I just might have unearthed a very helpful,economical tool.

It’s been a month since I first started my experiment. Read about it here. I have to say, I am mightily pleased.

I’m not sure my skin has ever felt better. It practically glows from within. I love having my four minute mini-spa every day. My skin is soft, supple, the aforementioned glowy, and my pores are pretty darn small and clear. I don’t foresee myself tweaking my “recipe” anytime soon. 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 50% Castor Oil, rubbed in, then Tea Tree Oil spot-applied on top, not near eyes or mouth. Then I steam it on under a washrag, wipe it off, and smile at my glowy, refreshed skin. I don’t see myself ever returning to “traditional” skincare.

Now for my hair. I’m definitely pleased overall, just not thrilled. The baking soda “shampoo” does wonders at getting my long hair clean. I’m not sure how, exactly, but it does. Where I’m having problems, however, is with the apple-cider vinegar “conditioner.” My hair stays relatively healthy-feeling and untangled, but I miss the silky feeling and shine my hair used to have. Not that it’s dull now, or anything, but I just feel that I need a little extra oomph. I did some research, and decided to order a bottle of Argan Oil. It’s a great oil for skin, hair, and nails, and I’m hoping it’ll give me that little something extra I need. I plan on running it through my hair after I wash/condition, as a “leave-in conditioner” of sorts.

I’m extremely pleased with both of these methods. I’m hoping the Argan oil can fill the slight void I have left from my old life of expensive haircare and skincare products. I didn’t have a noticeable transition period for either of these things. My skin didn’t break out or get oily or dry, and my hair didn’t get overly greasy or dry. I was quite happily surprised.

I know some of y’all said you were going to try these out as well. How did you fare? Let me know!

‘Poo Free,

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