Hello, lovers.

I just wanted to take the time to sit down with you all and share a little bit about my life. Grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage, slip on your fuzziest pants, and let’s hang out.

You know I don’t talk about work very often. I don’t believe it’s my place to take the workplace outside of the workplace. Nor do I want to do myself a disservice by saying something I really shouldn’t. And I am going to hold steadfast to those guidelines. Not to mention I’d be frightened for my own mental capacity if all I could ever dream to say had to do with work.

You might have gleaned, however, that my job, while I love it, has been very time-consuming lo these five months of gainful employment. And I’m at the end of myself. I’m exhausted to my very core. Which is why my poor, cherished blog, and even my poor, love-of-my-life novel have fallen by the wayside.

But I’m here to say, “No more.” I had a talk with my boss and my boss’ boss about being overworked and it went well, as I expected it to. I believe things are finally on track to even out and to give me even a modicum of free time again. And I am ecstatic and thankful and I feel so blessed that I can say that.

Which is why I’ve come here. To make a firm re-commitment to you, loyal blog readers. All  -5 of you. Let’s do this. I’ve missed you dreadfully.

Yours, Most Anxiously,

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