Remember when I didn’t blog for a week and then popped back in for Fashion Friday? Remember when that Fashion Friday pretty much exclusively served my own search for comfortable, cute, and work-appropriate black shoes?

Welcome to that memory in the pensieve that is my blog. Just go with it.

If you’ve spent any time with me in the last month, then you’ll undoubtedly have heard about my quest for the holy grail of shoes; a comfortable, cute, work appropriate black heel. I know what you’re thinking; “Dream on, sister. Good luck finding Atlantis and also raising a unicorn and marrying a Narnian prince.” And to that rude list of shattered dreams I say, “I’m pretty sure they found Atlantis and it’s in Vegas or something. Also unicorns are known to be in the Forbidden Forest, so as soon as I get back to Hogwarts on September first, I’ll find one. And I expect Ben Barnes to return my call any day now. Soon.”

SOON, Ben Barnes. SOON.

 Anyway, back to the hunt for Red October, or, you know, shoes. I decided that wedges were probably the way to go, because they can have a shorter heel height and still be cute. Also, I adore wedges. So here we go!

I’ve been eyeing the Wanda Wedges at Target for quite some time now.

Relatively non-descript and arguably not very comfy. Guess I'll have to move from eyeing them to trying them on every time I go to Target until I can firmly commit/ when they go on clearance.


I love these Call it Spring Koeller Wedges

Can a mix between a bootie and a wedge get any cuter? I submit that it cannot!

I’m undecided on these Call it Spring Karpen

I mean, how can I truly love anything that doesn’t call itself a wedge? Also these are starting to say “57 year old librarian” to me. WHY AM I INCLUDING THESE? This is why Ben Barnes hasn’t called me back.


After that horrendous affair, let’s take a much-needed break from wedges and visit some pumps. These have a ruffle.

Even my 11-year old self is bored with these.

I would so rock these, like every day.

BUT WAIT. I already have them in taupe and I am wearing them right now. I can’t be known as that girl…


These are hypnotic, funky fresh…

These would make me strut my stuff and yes you want it. Goodies make them boys jump on it.

I am also unsure about these:

I like the wedge part of these, but I fear the “patent” is too… shiny. Another item to stalk amongst the aisles of Target.

And, lastly, I offer the charitable option

So cute!

If you don’t know about Tom’s, for every shoe you buy, they give a pair of shoes to children without shoes. I have had (and worn through!) 2 pairs of the “classic” Toms and they are the most comfortable shoes ever. These wedges are darling and I think I might go with them, if only because, well, I’ll at least have shod a child.

Not to be confused with having shot a child.

Not cool, bro.

Y’all have a great weekend!