5,000 cool points if you know what movie the title came from. (Hint: Hugh Grant.)

I’ve been trying to get into story-writing mood recently, and for whatever reason, that means I need to be DRAMATIC. I can’t write if I’m all smiles and puppies and double rainbows all the way. And it’s not that I’m really in a bad mood; it’s that I need tragic stories and heartbreak to inspire me to write. Well, to write something worthwhile, that is. If I’m happy, well, I write stuff like this blog.

As you well may know, a lot of what helps me do this is music. Today, for example, I’ve the haunting lyrics of the old Scottish song Loch Lomond stuck in my head. Here’s the chorus:

“O ye’ll tak’ the high road,
and I’ll tak’ the low (road)
And I’ll be in Scotland afore ye
For me and my true love will ne-er meet again
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomon’.”

Dreamy sigh. Isn’t that just delightfully tragic? Another one that gets me is Wild Mountain Thyme. And Across the Blue Mountains. Basically any song ever with any Celtic or Scottish leanings. There’s just such emotionalism packed into those songs. Lovely. I also turn to morose selections from such tragic soundtracks as:

Lord of the Rings (all)
Harry Potter (all)
Seven Pounds
Phantom of the Opera
Sweeney Todd
Into the Woods
And much, much more!

Also Enya. So excuse me while I pump myself down for an evening of productive writing. I regret wearing purple today. I feel like wearing black.

I’ll tak’ the low,

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