… I think I lost a day of my life. I have no clue what happened to Wednesday. I’ll get a flash here or there, a vague memory of my Aunt and cousins coming over, having lunch with a friend, piles and piles of mail… but I don’t understand where the day went. The sun rose and set yesterday and before I knew it, I had missed blogging. Whoops.

Sorry about that. There’s clearly a learning curve when it comes to re-investing yourself in your blog. Or so I’m claiming. In writing news, I’m feeling very inspired to dive back into my novel. Assuming there’s anything worth salvaging, of course. I’m going to set a mini-goal. By Monday, August 15th, I will have finished outlining. That gives me 3 and a half months to write the first draft (before my deadline of my birthday, November 3rd.) That’s perfectly doable, if I commit. And writing this all here is helping me commit.

I have been having discussions with my friends lately about how important it is to actively pursue your dreams. I don’t want to wake up one day, 40, and buried alive in a drab cubicle. I won’t mind being in that cubicle when I’m 40, as long as I have something else to show for it. Even if I never get anything published, even if I am only moderately successful, EVEN IF I only ever have this blog to turn to, I want to always be writing.

If I ever stop writing, shoot me in the face. Or give me a stern talking-to. Your choice. Have I mentioned how sleepy I am today…? Can I use that as an excuse for asking you to shoot me in the face? I know you’re asking why I don’t just delete that, but… it kind of makes me laugh. And it shouldn’t. I need to seek professional help.

Tomorrow will mark the return of Fashion Friday!!! ARE YOU SO EXCITED?!?!? Because I am. I am so pumped. About everything. My life is really lovely right now. I am blessed. Short. Awkward. Incomplete. Sentences.

I need tickets to the Grammar Gun Show,

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