Hello darlings. I am dreadfully sorry for my prodigious blogging failures. Of course, I come bearing gifts.


I have no excuse other than that I was stuck in this strange timewarp that some might like to call a “transition period.” That is code for sitting in your pajamas, asking your mom to make you lattes and ruing the day you ever decided that unemployment was preferable to working at Chili’s.

Delightfully, God’s plan for me was not one of quiet sobbing and convincing my parents to build a basement in Texas, exclusively so I could move in there and drown among the moldy boxes of my shattered youth and my World of Warcraft subscription bills. I was unemployed for 1 month and 2 days after graduation, and am now happily employed. I am very, very happy that I was blessed enough to find a steady job that will allow me to support myself whilst I pursue writing in my spare time. And now my parents don’t have to build my death basement.

Speaking of writing; I’m back with the blog, people. Not that I’ll probably regain any of my readers, having disappeared for so long, but that’s okay. I’m happy to be back. I’ve missed rambling in an empty white box whilst swilling various diet beverages.

Also speaking of writing, I’m going to a “write-a-thon” this weekend with mi madre. I am super excited, and I have a session with an editor who’s going to go over my plot with me for my novel. Color me nervous as all get out. But I’m very excited. I feel like today is the day when I officially throw myself back into my old life. I hereby declare the transition period to be OVER.

As soon as I actually unpack all my clothes… whoops.

WoW, Clear Eyes,

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