1. Re-read all the Lord of the Rings books
2. Read The Hunger Games
3. Sleep. Regularly.
4. Go to the movies. Regularly.
5. Work on my novel!!!!!!!!
6. Go to the gym. Regularly.
7. Practice the piano again
8. Learn the guitar
9. I vow to not eat fast food for a year. (Exclusions: road trips, where I will get the healthiest options and Sonic’s drinks.)
10. Rebuild my vocabulary
11. Find some lateral thinking workbooks
12. Find some analogy completion books, a la the old SAT
13.  Be a better friend
14. Improve my relationship with God by spending time with Him daily

Joyfully ending it all. (School, that is.)

Love you all most dearly,

8 thoughts on “Things I Will Do Once I Graduate

  1. Kristin Bgame

    Fantastic choice of picture! However, as a graduate, I must say that while you will have more time than you did as a student, don’t expect to be able to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep daily! Maybe that’s just me as I have a zoo to take care of, along with a job that sometimes requires 20 hour weekends… :) Go for it, and good luck! Congrats on graduating!


  2. molly

    Glad The Hunger Games is #2 on your list! Just finished it yesterday–great book. Can’t wait to dig into the second. (You might want to bump it up to #1)


  3. Megan

    Very nice! It’s time for us all to reclaim our lives lol!

    You’ll love the Hunger Games. I just finished the first one and am waiting not so patiently for the second one to come to me via the library , where they have 10 copies of the 1st and 3rd book, but 3 of the second -_-

    Also, I’ll be doing a LotR reread and exercise-a-long with Frodo and Friends on my blog as soon as graduation is over and I’d love to have you there. :)


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