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Studying away. In a little over 48 hours I plan on being completely and utterly free of all debts owed to the University of Texas. That won’t be entirely true, seeing as I still have to read some scripts and do another critique and fight to make sure everything goes according to plan so that I can graduate.

But as far as tests and papers and group presentations and all-nighters and stress and pop quizzes and lectures and class and workshops and textbooks and stress and STRESS?? I will be free.

I just need to power through my two tests tomorrow, give an awesome performance of Fauré’s Requiem with the UT Women’s and Men’s choruses (Facebook event) tomorrow night. Then I will get a good night’s sleep and finish and polish my script on Friday. Then… I will be done.

I plan on wearing my Xena cuff (a leather cuff I bought at Target) to remind myself that I am an academic warrior.

I will do it for Middle Earth. I will do it for Dumbledore. I will do it for Narnia. For Aslan. But mostly, for me. (And my parents who paid my way…)

BUT! If you have a spare moment, please go to and click “I Recommend” to vote for my friend, Colter. He wants to win this contest and use it to draw attention to the homeless in Houston.

You can vote EVERY DAY! So please do! And spread the word.

Thank you guys for bearing with me during these last few weeks. I know this blog has been pretty pointless and extremely poorly written. But, you know, grades first and all that ish.


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