These are some things I hear right now:

Breaking glass.

Slamming down bins in your wake, you are angry that your job is to clean up after us. No one appreciates you, custodian. I appreciate you. And I’d appreciate you not slamming down the trash bins.

Tinny, grating laughter.

You are too old to be a student, yet you are here. You work for the school. You laugh, akin to the hyena, at the videos on your laptop, which only you can see. Your mustache and glasses lend you a sense of grandeur, but I feel you are secretly watching kitten videos on Youtube.

Baby voice.

Piercing the air. You are a grown woman. This saccharin sound of stilted substance will only get you so far. Only so many drinks in a bar.


Typing, typing. Words flowing, mind going, brain racing and ideas blowing up your head. Keep those earbuds close and wikipedia closer; you’re pulling an all-nighter and you know you’re a dozer. Head bobbin’, neck throbbin’, you are a slave to your paper and like your yellow band says, you will LIVESTRONG.


You make that point, girl. You bring that sass and you own that class, and you bop your head to the internal beat of the ideas in your head and you’re sure to pass.

Those were some things I hear right now.

Ears a-listenin,

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