Happy Friday, y’all!

The consensus around town is that this was one killer week and so I thought I’d offer up some of my favorite bright, happy fashion finds this week to brighten our moods and remind us that icy cocktails in the warm summer sun aren’t far away.

1) Chained Patent Wrap Watch

This is on sale for a measley $75. And since I assume everything to be in monopoly money, I can justify my deep need for this citrusy watch. Picture it with boyfriend jeans, a loose navy tank, and big ole shades. LAHVE.

2) A Place in the Sun Sandals

These amazing sandals come in orange and yellow, but I prefer orange because... well... I dont know. I just do. You dont see many orange sandals these days. And I like them.

3) From the Field Skirt

I dont know much, but I know that I need this skirt in my life.

4) Here We Stand Pocket Dress in Coral

This is the perfect dress that can double as a fancier swimsuit cover-up. You know, for all those times when you need both swimwear and to look nice...

5) Lustrous Foliage Sandal in Bronze

Oh, oh, oh, these are everything I stand for. Theres a shoe pun in there somewhere but Im too distracted by THE CUTE.

6) My Only Sunshine Swiss Dot Tier Dress

I need this in my life. If I had a wedding to go to this summer, Id wear this. Or Id wear this to Chilis and spill ranch dressing on it. Whatever. #ForeverAlone

7) Pretty Posies Tunic

Lets ignore the fact that this is clearly marked as a tunic and yet the model isnt wearing pants. Rude. This is the orange of my dreams. It makes my skin look golden. Sorry if you dont have my skin tone. Love you.

8 ) The Sunset Cruise Cardi

On the website you can only select the coral option, which I love, BUT...

... I love it in yellow even more!

9) Varsity Hues Cardigan

Love love lovelovelove. This is perfect for the winter to spring transition. The long sleeves will keep you warm but the sunshiney colors let everyone know youre ready for summer!

10) Winner’s Buttercup Tunic

I love this more than life. I think it might have to do with the inclusion of "buttercup" in the title and anytime I see that word I instantly think of Princess Buttercup from "The Princess Bride." ::dreamy sigh::

Honorable mention and due attention (ha) MUST go to the Gap. They’re offering several simple graphic T-shirts, the profits of which they are donating to the GlobalGiving Japan Relief Fund. You can find them here.

I hope you’re feeling cheerier than ever. Smile! It’s the weekend! And there’s an abundance of bright clothes to be purchased!

I’m walkin’ on sunshine,

6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Summery Citrus and Coral

  1. Amber K.

    I love the look of tiered dresses and skirts but the overwhelming majority do not fit my body type and end up making me look heavier. Boo to that.


  2. Marshy

    I love pretty much anything that comes in yellow, and you did NOT disappoint! Lahve the corals, too, and your 400 spellings of the word “love,” (which for a moment I wondered if I had misspelled). The (pantsless) tunic is ADORABLE and WANT and YESPLEASE, and I’m so all about that watch right now. Great FF!


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