I’m not even going to post this to Facebook or Twitter. Because it’s not really a post. My final script is due tomorrow. It’s the last thing of the semester, the year, my college career. As soon as I finish, I am 100% free. And I figure if there’s ever a time I can be excused from missing the occasional blog post, it’s when I’m finishing up a college degree. Because I am. But I will be back in my… Read more »

1. Re-read all the Lord of the Rings books 2. Read The Hunger Games 3. Sleep. Regularly. 4. Go to the movies. Regularly. 5. Work on my novel!!!!!!!! 6. Go to the gym. Regularly. 7. Practice the piano again 8. Learn the guitar 9. I vow to not eat fast food for a year. (Exclusions: road trips, where I will get the healthiest options and Sonic’s drinks.) 10. Rebuild my vocabulary 11. Find some lateral thinking workbooks 12. Find some analogy… Read more »

Never having had a firm grasp on time, I fear I’ve lost all sense of it. I am living in a world of flowing colors and darting sounds and lazy, hazy eyes that blink, blink, blink at the technicolor computer screen to no avail. The studying must go on. Two more tests, one choir concert, and one epic showdown where I force my advisor to bow to my will left until I am done with college. Probably forever. I’ll shan’t… Read more »