O, but were I in London town
It matters not who wears the crown
O, to be before time was now
To place a kiss to your fevered brow
O, to hold you one last time
To remind you that you once were mine
O, but to pledge my binding vow
I’d be with you if I knew how

Your urgent need is what drew me in
And your urgent need is what pushed me away
When you are left in your halls of sin
I hope you don’t mind digging your own grave
Those sugar-coating lips which willed me to begin
Will whisper bitter lies come the new Day
Your emptiness will consume you from within
And I will laugh as I walk away

Can’t sit still
For the wings in my stomach
Would fly me away

Can’t be stopped
For the joy in my heart
Lifts me over the struggles

Can’t be defeated
For the hope on my Savior
Frees my spirit from the grip of the world

You grab a hold of me
And you don’t let go
No matter how much I ignore you
Or fight with you
You ravage me
You won’t stop
And you keep moving and moving
I can’t catch you
I can’t find you
I think I lose you
But you keep moving on
Without me
And your shifting hands
Close ’round my throat
But then you tick onward
And I’ve lost you again.

Hello, Dear Friends.

No, you didn’t misread the title. You might still need more coffee, but you’re not that tired. And no, I’m not doing away with Makeup Monday. Not entirely.

Over the weekend, I had a psychotic break. Or a personality schism. Or something. I decided that I was running around in blog circles, getting nowhere, and that I needed to rebrand. So, I’m excited to announce the birth of my new baby: www.WifeBegins.com

It’s still in that crinkly, squirmy newborn stage,  but you can read about its purpose on the new site. Not to worry, though, this blog will remain the beloved older sister. I’ll still be posting short stories and poetry and book reviews over here. But the content will be focused on my writing career, while I lump everything else on the new blog.

Thank you for your past and continued support. I love y’all forever!



The charms of our rental house have indeed proved fleeting.

Let me paint for you the tragic picture of life at Chez Vincent these days. Just a few weeks after moving into our house, the garbage disposal that had always made the kind of terrifying grinding noise of loose metal blades flying around a pipe suddenly stopped making any noise. No amount of hot water, Drain-o, or vinegar and baking soda foam bombs have helped. This thing done broke, y’all. So now we have to scrape food scraps into the actual trash can. Or, we would, if the trash can wasn’t still full of things from the move. So we have to put things in the trash bag on the floor, which means we have to bend over. For food scraps. And we have been doing this for four unholy months. My back may never be the same.

To add gushing wound to injury, now our microwave won’t work. Well, not on purpose, anyway. It started turning itself on. Yep. It will just start, of its own accord, with a minute on its clock. My friend, Whip, likes to tell me it’s a ghost, because of that one time my autographed picture of Leonardo DiCaprio threw itself off my dresser, and how sometimes the light above the shower turns itself off, but I don’t deal with that, so I am thinking air currents and electrical shorts. I ain’t afraid of no ghost. Except I’m terrified, so please get out of the house.

Anyway, the other night we had a ghost electrical surge and the microwave wouldn’t stop turning itself on and beeping over and over for no reason. So my husband unplugged it and we continued marathoning Lost. Then, the other night, we plugged it back in and tried again, but it would only turn itself on for a minute and this time all the buttons stopped responding to my touch.  Last night, I needed to nuke part of dinner for a mere 2 minutes, but nope. I got a minute out of it, then it beeped over and over and said “SHORT SHORT SHORT SHORT” on the screen, which I assume is an electrical short, and not a ghostly insult, and we had to unplug it again. How am I supposed to tell the time when the oven is on? How am I supposed to steam the broccoli that comes frozen in the steamer bags? How am I supposed to set a timer?

No disposal, no microwave. What is this, 1620? Am I supposed to start shucking corn and churning butter and battening the homestead against the ghosts natives?

And I know you’re wondering why I don’t just call the landlord. I don’t need to answer to you, and I don’t appreciate your tone. But I’ve been busy. Also, because my house is a wreck, okay? I’m not even unpacked. And it’s embarrassing. In all honesty, I worked an ungodly amount of hours in my cubicle the first quarter of 2014, and have been working extra on writing in the past 6 weeks, so I shouldn’t beat myself up. Even though I still do. So I really don’t need your judgement. Just a hug, and maybe someone could take the autographed picture of Leo… just to test… uh things.

And that’s my life without any modern conveniences at all. Woe is me.

Y’all have a great day!

Hello, world!

We’ve all been there. You are almost finished getting ready, about to put on your mascara/lipstick/eyeliner to finish off your gorgeous face, and then you lose all motor control and smear a glob of something in the wrong place. Like between your eyes, on the bridge of your nose. Not like I’m speaking from multiple past experiences or anything.

So what do you do? Let me help you!! And I hope you’ll comment any quick-fix solutions you’ve come across as well. Knowledge is power, ladies!

Issue: I just got lipstick/gloss/liner way outside of my lip line.
Solution: Stop. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. Now take a tissue or Q-Tip and DAB any excess lip product off your lips. Do not smear it around. Now, take a small concealer or detail brush (Use the accent brush) and conceal the skin/product around your lip line. Blend outward from your lips so it meets the rest of your makeup without a harsh line. If you need more coverage, apply another layer of foundation. It won’t kill you to have more layers. Set with your powder or a translucent powder. Start again with another deep breath.

Issue: I just totally effed up my liner and I look criminally insane.
Solution: Assuming you’re not actually criminally insane, take a deep breath. You will take the same steps no matter the kind of eyeliner, but liquid and gel dry very quickly, so move fast. Take a small angled eyeliner brush or smudge brush. Smudge and smoke the heck out of that eyeliner line. Sorry, but your look has evolved a little bit. But at least people won’t spend the day trying to commit you. If time permits, top with a layer of your lid eye shadow(s). If not, skip, and then apply an eye shadow in a similar color as the eyeliner, soft and smokey. Then apply a new eyeliner line. The smokey line of eye shadow will help it be more forgiving.

Issue: Help! Clownface McGillicutty over here just put on waaaaay too much blush.
Solution: Laugh at yourself, then get a clean, fluffy brush. Swirl it over your cheeks to blend the color out. If it is still too much, apply a light layer of your face powder. If you don’t wear a face powder, blend more, then lightly dab with a tissue to see if any will fade. Also remember, 97% of blushes fade throughout the day.

Issue: Major Eyeshadow Fallout. (When your eyeshadow falls off your eyelid and lands on your cheeks)
Solution: If you have already set with a powder, swirl a clean brush over the eye shadow, without pressing it too firmly into the skin. If there is some that has smeared, swirl until it’s gone/faded, and reapply some powder. This should help with all but the blackest of blacks or the cheapest of cheaps. If your skin is still tacky, dip a clean brush in your powder and lightly, lightly try to swirl it off your face. In the case of major smearage, you will have to reapply your foundation (again, another layer won’t kill you) and set with powder. In the future, tap your brush against the edge of the palette or your finger to shake off any extra shadow before putting it on your face. Also, invest in some better-formulated eyeshadow. Fallout should be minimum, even in drugstore brands.

Issue: Mascara blob. On my face.
Solution: DON’T. TOUCH. IT. Back away slowly. Let the blob completely, 100% dry. Don’t even look at it rudely or cuss it out, or it could revolt. If you’re in a rush to get out the door, throw your concealer, foundation, and powder in your purse, then hit the road. Let it dry on your commute. Don’t touch it. Let the air conditioner in your car blow on it full force. Once it’s 100% dry, simply scratch it off with your fingernail. Seriously. It’ll flake right off. If there is any discoloration, apply a small pat of powder to smooth it out. If you didn’t let it dry all the way, and end up with the ugly bruise-smear, then you’re going to have to mix a drop of foundation with a drop of concealer, pat it on, and set with powder. Apply and blend to a larger portion than just the smear to help camouflage.

Let me know any other issues you need help with, or if you have any tips/tricks for the rest of us!

Y’all have a great day!

Call me a one-trick pony (don’t call me that), but I am really stuck on the idea of vacation recently. Probably because I really need one. But I don’t know when, I don’t know how, all I know is there’s no vacation riiiiiight nooooooow… Out of the sea, wish I could be, part of youuuuuuur Caribbean cruise!

So here are things that are beautiful and remind me of being in the Caribbean. Let’s all dream together.

1) By the Sea Striped Top

So serene

So serene

2) Chiffon Dress

Easy, breezy

Easy, breezy


3) Colorblock Stripe Sleeveless Shirt



4) Confident Ease Dress

Cruise Classy

Cruise Classy

5) Mantua Printed Maxi Dress

Comfy Cute

Comfy Cute

6) Ocean Tides Colorblock Top

Oh, yes.

Oh, yes.

7) Pleated Maxi Skirt

Ya heard?

Ya heard?

8) Riviera Dinner Date Dress

So beautiful

So beautiful

9) Sleeveless Blouse

Sleeveless blouse

So summery

10) V-Neck Open-Stitch Sweater

So Cuddly

So Cuddly


Y’all have a great weekend!


The Selection ( HarperTeen) was recommended to me by Amazon, and I was all, “What, like you know my life?” Turns out Amazon has a pretty strong understanding of my life, because I quite enjoyed this book! When my Goodreads linked to Facebook, one of my dear friends welcomed me to “the bestworst book series ever!” And that is quite an apt description.

First Impressions: Judging a Book by its Cover

None of you are surprised that this has everything to do with why I bought this book. Pretty gown. Multiple angles. And sweet corn casserole, do I spy a TIARA? Sign me the eff up. 5/5 childhood dreams.

The Selection by Kiera Cass. Image courtesy of Goodreads.

The Selection by Kiera Cass. Image courtesy of Goodreads.

Dive a little deeper– My Thoughts (Spoiler-Free/Based on Book Jacket)

The premise of The Selection is intriguing. It’s often described as “The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor.” It’s definitely more Bachelor, as you might have surmised from its tag: 35 girls. 1 crown. The competition of a lifetime.

I mean, come on! What more do you want? The book follows America Singer as she enters The Selection, the previously referenced competition of a lifetime, and surprise, surprise, is selected to compete for Prince Maxon’s heart. You read that right. This is a book about a princess competition. 5/5 Primary career choices.

Deeper Still– Thoughts Redux (Minor Spoilers Included)

Yes, the premise of The Selection is everything I could ever want in a YA book. The delivery of the premise is a little, well… bestworst. What this book lacks in world building and twisty plot it made up for in characterization and dialogue. Any interaction between America and Maxon had me grinning like a fool, which is why I read YA.

I did not much care for the love triangle aspect, or for some of the female characters, for some of the weak political elements, etc., etc. My friend and I have decided that this series is bestworst because the characters keep you hooked and reading along, but the rest of the book needs more polishing. I wish just a few more drafts had been drafted. Then I would’ve been raving.

Grade Me, Seymore– Give It A Score! -4/5

Maybe because I was swept up in the romance. Maybe because I had read so many “meh” books recently. Maybe it was because I’m just a very positive book scorer, but I initially gave this a 5. But then I remembered all the underdeveloped aspect and realized that I couldn’t give this book full points when it didn’t even live up to its full potential.

The Selection is first in the Selection Trilogy. My review on the second book, The Elite, will be up soon. The third and final installment, The One, came out May 6th, and I will be reading it this weekend and reviewing it as well. And I’m quite excited about it.

Connect with the Author of  The Selection: Kiera Cass

Here are all her applicable links:

Instagram (She’s barely on)

Please let me know if you have read or are planning to read The Selection and its sisters, and drop me a line to let me know what you think of it!

Y’all have a good day!


Half way done
Half way gone
And the half that you took from me
Was only the start

Half way grown
Half way sown
And the half that I hid from you
Is only my heart

Half way done
Half way gone
And the days that I wasted on you
Were my passion’s restart