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Pavement met fog met sky in a haze of January grey that made Lissa feel vibrant. Her coat was a deep, forest-y green, but it was positively neon compared to the gloom that had settled over the city. She shifted the grocery bag on her hip, paper, not plastic, and picked up her pace. Passing black coat after black coat, Lissa felt confident in her wardrobe choice, and in her life choices in general. She had just bought hummus. On… Read more »

I’d like to share with you a short story I wrote recently for a competition. Though not a winner, it was well received, and I am very proud of my efforts to dive back into writing. Without further ado, I present to you: Obliged             In a cradle of moonlight, with two satin ribbons, Charlotte secured her anonymity. Anxious to cross the courtyard to the grand doors of Chagall Chateau, none of the arriving guests… Read more »

I interrupt Makeup Monday to bring you this short story. I wrote it this weekend and it was therapeutic. I thought it might be so for someone else out there. Happiness Once upon a time, in a little cottage outside the town of Lockshire, a young girl was born to two doting parents. The doting parents named their new daughter Cara. Cara was caring and intelligent, loving and kind. She was quick to make them laugh and quicker still to… Read more »