Happy Monday!!!! (Is there such a thing? Shut up, Kaitlin, and go back to bed like the rest of the world.) I hope you each had an amazing weekend. I certainly did. I’m going to cut myself off before I wax poetic about loving being in love and get to the real talk. Makeup. Please keep in mind that this was a runway look for Chanel, and as such, it’s messy, it’s bold, and it’s a little more than probably… Read more »

Happy Wednesday! I started writing this post last week, but as I was still fighting myself and God on this issue, I never got around to finishing it, because nothing had come to a conclusion. But that has changed. Let me start out by saying that I am freaking exhausted. I kind of wish I could go into like, a 3 week coma, just to catch up on sleep. That should be a thing, scheduled comas. They could like, liposuction… Read more »

It is one of those days. One of those weeks. February was one of those months, really. Where everything just gets away from you. Where pressures pile up and stress hits you in that gnawing pit that used to be your appetite for life. You feel like you can’t do anything right, and then, in a self-fulfilling prophecy, you can’t. You drop the ball.  Over and over again, until like raindrops on a window all of your failures join together… Read more »

Prepare yourselves for the worst story you’ve ever read. I don’t mean worst as in shocking or heartbreaking but still worth a read. I mean completely pointless and arguably mind-numbing. I know. With an intro like that, how could you not keep reading? I was thinking about London. This is nothing strange. I adore London. It’s my favorite city in all the world. Well, up to this point and being only 23 and having been only to London. I spent a glorious… Read more »

Friends, Romans, Countrymen- lend me your ears! I saw the sign, and Juliet is the sun. And I definitely think Shakespeare and Ace of Bass were birds of a feather. Maybe had the fates allowed them to exist in the same time they could have worked together. Maybe done a Youtube collab video. Really, the possibilities are endless. But I digress. I have come to tell you The Tale of my Toe; Or, Why All Young Fashionistas Should be Wary… Read more »

I’m dying. I have consumption. I think. I’m advertising this because I secretly hope that somewhere, somehow, Ewan McGregor is suddenly struck by a pang of longing for the greatest love he’s never known. But ’tis not meant to be, dear Ewan. I have a death rattle. It’s like a cross between a baby rattlesnake and a smoker’s cough. And my voice is a cross between Peter Brady in that one episode and mere squeaks of whispers. Also a smoker…. Read more »

‘Member in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone when Harry’s in the forbidden forest and he finds Voldemort drinking unicorn blood? That is me over my coffee. Half-dead, sucking down the sweet nectar of immortality, dripping lifeblood down my sleepy jowls. ‘Member in Flubber when Flubber jumps into that guy’s body? That’s me when I see the pile of miserable papers I left myself over the weekend. Eyes wide, unbelieving, stomach churning. ‘Member Yao Ming? That’s me when I… Read more »

It’s closing time. Not the 1998 Semisonic hit; we’re closing for August at work. If you don’t work in an accounting department, it’s where the acct dept (that’s official lingo) processes and closes all business transactions for the month. If you do work in an accounting department, you’re probably still at work and/or passed out over a highball of your nightcap of choice. How to describe the sensation… it’s kind of like the first time you realized the meaning behind… Read more »

Remember when I didn’t blog for a week and then popped back in for Fashion Friday? Remember when that Fashion Friday pretty much exclusively served my own search for comfortable, cute, and work-appropriate black shoes? Welcome to that memory in the pensieve that is my blog. Just go with it. If you’ve spent any time with me in the last month, then you’ll undoubtedly have heard about my quest for the holy grail of shoes; a comfortable, cute, work appropriate… Read more »