The Little Drummer Boy has been one of my favorite Christmas carols for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I think it was because I related to it. A little boy goes to see Jesus, and he gets to bang a drum at a baby. As a loud and obnoxious child, that thrilled me. As a loud and obnoxious adult, I enjoy the carol because of the truly mediocre harmonies I’ve written that I like to… Read more »

It’s closing time. Not the 1998 Semisonic hit; we’re closing for August at work. If you don’t work in an accounting department, it’s where the acct dept (that’s official lingo) processes and closes all business transactions for the month. If you do work in an accounting department, you’re probably still at work and/or passed out over a highball of your nightcap of choice. How to describe the sensation… it’s kind of like the first time you realized the meaning behind… Read more »

5,000 cool points if you know what movie the title came from. (Hint: Hugh Grant.) I’ve been trying to get into story-writing mood recently, and for whatever reason, that means I need to be DRAMATIC. I can’t write if I’m all smiles and puppies and double rainbows all the way. And it’s not that I’m really in a bad mood; it’s that I need tragic stories and heartbreak to inspire me to write. Well, to write something worthwhile, that is. If… Read more »

Happy Friday, everyone! Can I please just tell you how excited I am to be writing a Fashion Friday post right now? We, we, we, we so excited. IT’S FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I wish I had an excuse for myself, but I don’t. Rebecca Black is my shoulder devil, singing in my ear every Friday. But that’s neither here nor there. This summer, I’ve found myself drawn to all things 70s-Inspired…. Read more »

Hello dear loves of my heart, I am completely braindead but seriously overjoyed, having turned in my last research paper EVER today. Therefore, I have no energy left for a “real” post as I am about to put on my stretchy pants and fall asleep. However, since it is National Poetry Month, I want to share my new favorite poem with you. In a recent concert, the UT Women’s Chorus performed Randall Thompson’s “The Place of the Blest,” a four-movement… Read more »

Dramatic sigh. You guys. I’m having one of those days. One of those days when the reality of life just hits you. When you realize “Holy income tax, Batman, I am an adult.” I am twenty two years old and all I have to show for myself is a startling amount of pink nail polish and enough chandelier earrings to make… well, a chandelier. I am freaking out, realizing I have few talents and even fewer accomplishments. I know I am but young,… Read more »

I’m a fan of anything teeming with raw, unbridled emotion. Poetry, opera, pop ballads, fettuccine Alfredo, drunk texts; I like ’em all. This weekend I found myself putting Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts on repeat. If you’ve listened to a mainstream radio station in the last few months, you’ve undoubtedly heard it (many times), but in case you’re in the dark, here’s a link to the video. One of my best friends is going through a breakup and we were talking about… Read more »

Thank God it’s Thursday. Not only because that means it’s Trejo Tursday but also because I don’t have Friday classes, so Thursday is my Friday. 3 classes to go until freedom. That doesn’t sound so bad, in the scheme of life. But oh, ohhhhhhh. My life is a shambles. Not only am I living in a cloud of heady, hazy allergies that make me seem just the teensiest bit permastoned (adj. “The physical and mental state sometimes aquired by someone… Read more »

I think it’s cute when children sing. It’s cuter when they can stay on pitch, but I don’t have high expectations. After all, they’re children. Some people are blessed with amazing talent that manifests pre-puberty. I acknowledge that and respect that. What I don’t understand is the parents of these talented children. Kids don’t understand that they’d be giving up a “normal” childhood were they to pursue a career. Perhaps I’m biased because my parents never let me enter the… Read more »

Over the last few days I have witnessed several things that have gone straight to the core of my heart. Some of the things were joyful such as the way today’s choir rehearsal went, or the guy I heard telling his friend the story of the prodigal son in Wendy’s. Some things, however, have been shameful and downright painful to witness. I overhear stupid things on campus every day, but I feel like the things I’ve heard in recent weeks… Read more »