Hello, world! We’ve all been there. You are almost finished getting ready, about to put on your mascara/lipstick/eyeliner to finish off your gorgeous face, and then you lose all motor control and smear a glob of something in the wrong place. Like between your eyes, on the bridge of your nose. Not like I’m speaking from multiple past experiences or anything. So what do you do? Let me help you!! And I hope you’ll comment any quick-fix solutions you’ve come… Read more »

Love you, boo.

Monday. Let’s ignore that fact, shall we? Let’s concentrate on the beauty that is the “makeup” part. Or, rather, the makeup removal part. My friend, M-Shell (hey, girl, hey), wanted to know what I use to take my makeup off at night. I feel ya. I feel ya. At the end of the day, sometimes it’s all you can do to swish with water and a speck of toothpaste and crawl into your bed before you dissolve into a puddle… Read more »


Hello, my beautiful Springlings! If my Facebook newsfeed is any indication, and I choose to believe it is, then half of you are still buried in snow. But here in good ol’ Tejas, the sun is right at the precipice between “Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun” and Dante’s Inferno. Yes, my friends, that was a Raffi reference and an early Italian renaissance literary reference. I know it’s Monday, but keep up. My dear friend, Beks (love you, boo), asked… Read more »

Hola my little Chicharróns! I spent the weekend sleeping for twenty hours, thanking God for Texas beef, cleaning my disgusting kitchen, grocery planning and shopping, mastering various trivia categories on QuizUp, and finally being able to breathe through my nose again. Take that, untimely cold! All in all, a superior weekend. I’m almost ready for Monday… if Monday didn’t mean the start of a workweek. But, alas, it is, and so, onward Christian soldier. I’ve had a question submitted about… Read more »


Hello, Darlings! Please feast your eyes upon the new layout I’ve been working hard on, and also the triumphant return of Makeup Monday! (I know you’ve all missed it dreadfully.) Let’s dive right in! And, as always, let me know if you have any questions. Question 1: How do you keep dark lipstick in place? — Lady S. Well, Lady S., the first thing you need to consider is the finish of your lipstick. In general, matte lipsticks stay the… Read more »

Hello! Sorry I pushed Makeup Monday to Tuesday. Trucco is Italian for makeup. I was ill and by the time I was home after forcing myself to work a full day, all I could do was lay on the couch and whine for my doting fiance to bring me another sparkling water. So, ya get Trucco Tuesday, and you’ll like it, see? That was supposed to be a mobster voice, continuing with the Italian theme. Wow, really, Kaitlin? You’re going… Read more »


Hello, world! I hope your Thanksgivings were delightful and full of family fun and blessings. I hope your Black Fridays were full of scores and steals and deals. And now, a few awesome things you might not know about for today! 1) Urban Decay offering 2 of their awesome palettes at 50% off 2) Ulta is having a huge sale! $10 off of $50 and $20 off of $100, free shipping, and tons of items on sale and freebies! 3)… Read more »

Happy Monday!!!! (Is there such a thing? Shut up, Kaitlin, and go back to bed like the rest of the world.) I hope you each had an amazing weekend. I certainly did. I’m going to cut myself off before I wax poetic about loving being in love and get to the real talk. Makeup. Please keep in mind that this was a runway look for Chanel, and as such, it’s messy, it’s bold, and it’s a little more than probably… Read more »

‘Allo, all! I hope your weekend was equal parts smashing and relaxing. Some of you lovely people have submitted unto me some makeup questions, so let’s jump in, eh? Another edition of Reader Questions, here we go! Q1) S wants a recommendation for a blush that’s both long-lasting and moisturizing. A1) Your best bet is a cheek stain or a cream blusher. High-end brands I love: Tarte Cheek Stain Illamasqua Cream Blusher As for a more bargain brand, I have… Read more »

Happy Monday! I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that the biggest oxymoron, um, ever? And yes, yes it is. The only way it isn’t an oxymoron is if you happen to spending this Monday in, say, Disney World, or Narnia. And if that is the case, why the heck are you reading my blog? Anywho, I triumphantly return to the blogosphere bearing gifts! My favorite fall makeup trends for 2012!! Let us dive right in! 1) Bushy Brows Or, at… Read more »