Here I am, in my cubicle, shivering with fever chills, wishing I could be home in bed. I am, however, thankful for the heat of this Atkins frozen dinner chicken broccoli Alfredo. Except that when I opened it, it spewed cheese sauce all over my January 2014 desk calendar. This is why I can’t have nice things. I usually move my food to the side of my desk calendar, but every other square inch of my desk is covered with… Read more »

Friends, Romans, Countrymen- lend me your ears! I saw the sign, and Juliet is the sun. And I definitely think Shakespeare and Ace of Bass were birds of a feather. Maybe had the fates allowed them to exist in the same time they could have worked together. Maybe done a Youtube collab video. Really, the possibilities are endless. But I digress. I have come to tell you The Tale of my Toe; Or, Why All Young Fashionistas Should be Wary… Read more »

Please tell me you’ve seen that SNL skit. Do yourself a favor and go watch it right now. RIGHTNOW. It’s old, from a time when Andy Samberg could be found neither on a boat nor doing the creep. But it’s worth it. I was reading in my new amazing book (What Jane Austen Ate and What Charles Dickens Knew) all about the gentry and nobility and the titled in Victorian England, and, yes, it’s enough to make your head spin. And… Read more »

Hola mes amigos. Can you tell I can’t speak a lick of Spanish? I’m pleased as punch because I just ordered some really, really exciting books to help me in my research for my book. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I love research, outside the confines of a research paper. I can’t even contain myself at the moment. There is so much to learn! I cannot wait. Not that I’ve touched my novel since Sunday, but still. I will. Tomorrow at lunch,… Read more »

And by “Ishmael,” I mean “The Aspartame Hoarder.” I don’t feel complete without the steely embrace of an aluminum can. That’s not entirely true. But I need to cut out the bubbly goodness of diet soda so badly. I’ve cut waaaaaay back and my caffeine addiction is much better as well; but I should switch to being one of those one-cup-of-coffee a day people. They seem to be successful in life. On the other hand, if I ever hope to… Read more »

1. Re-read all the Lord of the Rings books 2. Read The Hunger Games 3. Sleep. Regularly. 4. Go to the movies. Regularly. 5. Work on my novel!!!!!!!! 6. Go to the gym. Regularly. 7. Practice the piano again 8. Learn the guitar 9. I vow to not eat fast food for a year. (Exclusions: road trips, where I will get the healthiest options and Sonic’s drinks.) 10. Rebuild my vocabulary 11. Find some lateral thinking workbooks 12. Find some analogy… Read more »

I do. It’s the truth. The brighter the better, I say! And while I’ve been stalking the the spring/summer collections for a while I only recently got around to buying/using the NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Bateau Ivre. It looks like this: And since I am loving these colors, this duo was the inspiration for this: Here’s a list of products/steps: Eyes: 1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance all over lid, browbone, and under eye 2. NARS Bateau Ivre, the lighter color,… Read more »