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The charms of our rental house have indeed proved fleeting. Let me paint for you the tragic picture of life at Chez Vincent these days. Just a few weeks after moving into our house, the garbage disposal that had always made the kind of terrifying grinding noise of loose metal blades flying around a pipe suddenly stopped making any noise. No amount of hot water, Drain-o, or vinegar and baking soda foam bombs have helped. This thing done broke, y’all…. Read more »


Happy (?) Tuesday, World! February is more than halfway over. Which is terrifying. How are you doing? Are you as shocked as I am that time has flown thusly? I thought it might be a good time to check in on my goals. Remember my theme of the year is moving forward and overcoming. 14 Resolutions for 2014 Status update 1) Read 50 books. Verdict: Fail. I’ve started 2. Finished none. (Connect with me on Good Reads!) The good news… Read more »


When I was a bright-eyed, naive, somewhat spoiled seventeen-year-old, my generous parents bought me a car. My only instructions from my dad were to take care of the car because it was the only one he was ever going to buy me. And I have. Minus a few scrapes and bumps, the oil changes have been mostly routine, and the maintenance has been maintained. More than anything else, though, I have been obsessive with not running out of gas. I… Read more »

Day 4 of 2014, and I’ve accomplished basically nothing. The Hubbit and I are still terribly sick. I have been working or watching HGTV nonstop before popping Nyquil, waking up to cough up snot, then repeating, ad nauseam. The Hubbit’s experience can be summed up in this meme he made, describing tonight’s interactions, when I came home from a full Saturday of work: Poor guy. But man, is he funny. I didn’t mean anything by it, but the first words… Read more »

Here I am, in my cubicle, shivering with fever chills, wishing I could be home in bed. I am, however, thankful for the heat of this Atkins frozen dinner chicken broccoli Alfredo. Except that when I opened it, it spewed cheese sauce all over my January 2014 desk calendar. This is why I can’t have nice things. I usually move my food to the side of my desk calendar, but every other square inch of my desk is covered with… Read more »

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. And this Halloween costume would smell like what it is: A flaming poop. “Hot Sh!t,” to be exact. I got my new social security card in the mail. My name is officially Kaitlin Vincent, which bodes well for this website. It is a little bittersweet, more so than I thought it would be, saying goodbye to my maiden name. I had some good times as KCW. Lots of good times,… Read more »

You know my heartsong For it was You, who With a spark and a kiss, Welded it into my flesh And my soul and Every beat of my heart The rhythm of my heartsong Points back to You, who Has purposed me to Do great things and Only I have the skill And the gifts in my heart So I’ll sing my heartsong For anyone, who Might have the time to listen And I will bravely sing So that the… Read more »

Wednesday was my husband’s 30th birthday. I came home from work to get ready for dinner that evening and found this on the floor: A single Cheerio, spilled during his breakfast. Something about eating Cheerios on the dawn of your 30th birthday tickles me. Almost as much as the fact that you would accidentally drop one on the floor, like a toddler. The evening progressed into a veritable sushi feast, however, so I feel both sides of the maturity scale… Read more »

Hello! So, if you don’t follow me on any other social media platform, you might have missed my thousands of updates and you might not know that I recently got married. It’s all very romantic and exciting. The most exciting part, though, is that I’m done with planning the wedding. It went beautifully, I only have two minor complaints not even worth mentioning, and I am married to the love of my life, heading toward a fantastic life together. But,… Read more »

12. Swirling, dancing white fairy lights And the magic born when two souls unite Head upside down But life just beginning Every inch of our souls Each other befriending Dear friends and family joyously cheer Each one a drop, a jeweled tear Time moves swiftly I think I am spinning But every moment with you Is one worth spending Together, to always, To husband, to wife, Now dawns the day Of the rest of our life