Happy Monday, everyone!! The blog officially got a face-lift for spring. And I love it. But enough about me, let’s talk makeup. One of the things I love the most about makeup is how each person brings something different to every look. Whether it’s the shape of your face, or your artistic interpretation, or just slight differentiation in products available to use, one look can adapt and change and become many times lovely. Enter my Saturday. I was playing around… Read more »

5,000 cool points if you know what movie the title came from. (Hint: Hugh Grant.) I’ve been trying to get into story-writing mood recently, and for whatever reason, that means I need to be DRAMATIC. I can’t write if I’m all smiles and puppies and double rainbows all the way. And it’s not that I’m really in a bad mood; it’s that I need tragic stories and heartbreak to inspire me to write. Well, to write something worthwhile, that is. If… Read more »

I wasn’t jesting. Now, before you roll your eyes and click off the page, please note that this is serious. I’ve collected a lot of things that remind me of Xena, true, but they also happen to be extremely adorable and/or suitable for a freaking awesome warrior. I’m grouping these by category instead of my usual item list, because, well, I want to. 1) Amazing Bracelets Let’s face it. Xena knows how to rock the arm accessory. Here are some… Read more »

Never having had a firm grasp on time, I fear I’ve lost all sense of it. I am living in a world of flowing colors and darting sounds and lazy, hazy eyes that blink, blink, blink at the technicolor computer screen to no avail. The studying must go on. Two more tests, one choir concert, and one epic showdown where I force my advisor to bow to my will left until I am done with college. Probably forever. I’ll shan’t… Read more »

Way back in the fall of aught-nine, I had swine flu. And bronchitis. At the same time. Because one low-risk but potentially fatal illness is not enough for this girl, nuh-uh. It was a dark era in my life and I don’t like to talk about it. Mainly because I sincerely thought I was going to die for a couple of days there, and had extreme hallucinations thanks to my drug cocktail and high fevers. One night after I had… Read more »

Thank God it’s Thursday. Not only because that means it’s Trejo Tursday but also because I don’t have Friday classes, so Thursday is my Friday. 3 classes to go until freedom. That doesn’t sound so bad, in the scheme of life. But oh, ohhhhhhh. My life is a shambles. Not only am I living in a cloud of heady, hazy allergies that make me seem just the teensiest bit permastoned (adj. “The physical and mental state sometimes aquired by someone… Read more »

**Sorry for the sporadic posting schedule! WordPress was broken last night, and this was the first I could get to the computer today. We should be back on track now.** Perhaps it’s the repetitive Glee theme, or perhaps it’s my tendency to obsess over things for a period of time before moving on and obsessing over something new (I suspect I inherited this from my mother), but I have found myself listening to two songs on extreme, day-long repeat. The… Read more »

Happy Friday, y’all! The weekend is here! Before we delve into Fashion Friday, I want to have a little chat with you. Yesterday’s post came late but was a whammy with zombie haiku and pictures of smiling puppies. Oh yes, my friends. ‘Tis true. I’m going to dedicate a chunk of my weekend to pre-planning next week’s posts, so they will posted on time. I promise. Topics next week include Makeup Monday: My Favorite Products (Subject to change on a… Read more »

What’s good on TV these days? The only shows I watch “live” are Glee and American Idol. And my favorite shows are Xena, The Cosby Show, The Nanny, and The Golden Girls. So clearly I’m just up to the cutting edge of breakthrough television. Other than that, I watch varying degrees of trashy reality television. My Fair Wedding (With David Tuterra!), Keeping up with the Kardashians… come to think of it, I watch most E! reality programming, when I watch… Read more »