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If you sliced Through my heart, Would it have rings, Like trees? Or would it beat As it bled? Would it cry? Would it sing? Or would it just be you, Pouring out of every valve, Knowing you need back inside, But not knowing how?


Rose petal lips And storm cloud eyes She had the kind of beauty That could start wars And save lives If only her lips were fuller If only her eyes were bigger And she never sailed For fear she’d sink And she never flew For fear she’d fall

O, but were I in London town It matters not who wears the crown O, to be before time was now To place a kiss to your fevered brow O, to hold you one last time To remind you that you once were mine O, but to pledge my binding vow I’d be with you if I knew how


Your urgent need is what drew me in And your urgent need is what pushed me away When you are left in your halls of sin I hope you don’t mind digging your own grave Those sugar-coating lips which willed me to begin Will whisper bitter lies come the new Day Your emptiness will consume you from within And I will laugh as I walk away