Happy (?) Tuesday, World!

February is more than halfway over. Which is terrifying. How are you doing? Are you as shocked as I am that time has flown thusly? I thought it might be a good time to check in on my goals. Remember my theme of the year is moving forward and overcoming.

14 Resolutions for 2014 Status update

1) Read 50 books.
Verdict: Fail. I’ve started 2. Finished none. (Connect with me on Good Reads!) The good news is, I read very quickly. I can still catch up and conquer this one.

2) Blog 104 posts
Verdict: Okay. Keep going. I can definitely make this goal.

3) Finish writing and editing my novel, and begin querying.
Verdict: Okay. I’ve brainstormed major changes. That’s something. Keep going!

4) Read bible/ have quiet time daily
Verdict: Fail. Haven’t unpacked the box with my bible in it.
5) Cook/Provide at least 16 meals for us each week. (No more crap cafeteria food for me, reduced donut runs for the Husband)
Verdict: Epic win! I’ve done great! Right, Hubbit?

6) Keep us healthy. (Vitamins. Healthy food. Sleeping.)
Verdict: Mild success. There was a brief period where I ran out of vitamins, but I’m back on track. The Hubbit has done well taking his vitamins. The sleeping thing we need to work on.

7) Work out at least once a week
Verdict: Upward trend. I worked out on Sunday! And plan to again this week! Take that!

8) Be kinder and more patient
Verdict: Probably fail. Forgot I made this goal, actually. I’ve had some better days, and have been focusing on my blessings and on positivity. I still have a long way to go.

9) Love more, and cultivate friendships
Verdict: Probably fail. I have been trying harder with my friendships. But I’ve also been insanely busy. So, fail. But I will persevere! How are y’all? (Yissss… bonus points.)

10) See our families more
Verdict: Fail. Saw my parents Sunday for the first time since Christmas. Haven’t seen the Hubbit’s family, either. But we’re planning a trip down to see them this weekend.

11) Save money
Verdict: Win! We’re doing well! Home ownership/vacation, here we come!

12) Volunteer once a quarter
Verdict: Probably win. Still have time. Forgot I pledged this, too. Whoops. January Kaitlin had such a helpful heart.

13) Practice thankfulness daily
Verdict: Border of fail and win. Some days yes, some no. I recommit here and now. I am very thankful for my life. Even its struggles.

14) Remember to take time to recharge Every. Single. Week.
Verdict: Fail. I’ve worked so much since Jan 2nd, I haven’t had time to unpack my jewelry and makeup, let alone relax. I will recommit this as well.

So there we have it. On paper, not looking so good. But my heart remains hopeful. I know the more I concentrate on the positive side of life, the blessings, the dear time I have with the Hubbit and the contestants on Chopped, the more things will slide into place. I want to encourage all of you with goals that every day is a chance to recommit. Every day is a choice to be happy, to move forward. Every day is an opportunity to praise the Lord and to dream.

Let’s all take a deep breath and remember our promises to ourselves. Let’s remember that we shall move forward. And that I have the bacon episode of Chopped on the DVR.


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