When I was a bright-eyed, naive, somewhat spoiled seventeen-year-old, my generous parents bought me a car. My only instructions from my dad were to take care of the car because it was the only one he was ever going to buy me. And I have. Minus a few scrapes and bumps, the oil changes have been mostly routine, and the maintenance has been maintained. More than anything else, though, I have been obsessive with not running out of gas. I… Read more »


I know not why, But where, I know intimately. Here, I am stretched onto the rack My soul pulled thin. I do not break, and I do not shatter But I am bruised and bleeding O, what pain I know not why, But who, I know intimately. Me, I am stronger than these circumstances My soul caged in. I do not sing, I do not create But time is spinning and flying O, what waste.

Apparently I’m known as a little bit of a schemer amongst my circle of friends. And that’s a rather accurate assessment. I’ve been scheming and dreaming and floating around in little thought clouds all day. And I was seized by an idea for my book. An IDEA. One of those where you know instantly you’re right, your writerly gut know it’s true to your story, but it’s still kind of scary so you blame it on marathoning Game of Thrones…. Read more »


For aeons and ages I have cried and counted my tears Sobbing, I have nothing, I have nothing And I listened to my multitudes of soul-drops And I realized They are saying, I am nothing I am nothing My counting has been in vain Nothing cannot be measured And I float away Into aether For aeons and ages Until maybe some One kisses me And tells me I am someone My matter matters And I count

Day 4 of 2014, and I’ve accomplished basically nothing. The Hubbit and I are still terribly sick. I have been working or watching HGTV nonstop before popping Nyquil, waking up to cough up snot, then repeating, ad nauseam. The Hubbit’s experience can be summed up in this meme he made, describing tonight’s interactions, when I came home from a full Saturday of work: Poor guy. But man, is he funny. I didn’t mean anything by it, but the first words… Read more »

Here I am, in my cubicle, shivering with fever chills, wishing I could be home in bed. I am, however, thankful for the heat of this Atkins frozen dinner chicken broccoli Alfredo. Except that when I opened it, it spewed cheese sauce all over my January 2014 desk calendar. This is why I can’t have nice things. I usually move my food to the side of my desk calendar, but every other square inch of my desk is covered with… Read more »