You know my heartsong For it was You, who With a spark and a kiss, Welded it into my flesh And my soul and Every beat of my heart The rhythm of my heartsong Points back to You, who Has purposed me to Do great things and Only I have the skill And the gifts in my heart So I’ll sing my heartsong For anyone, who Might have the time to listen And I will bravely sing So that the… Read more »

My heart is heavy As I teeter on the edge Of constant and everything Heavy with dreams And the pain of not touching them As if living is the fire And the dream is the ice And no matter what I do, I burn Dare I try? Dare I live? Pull myself forward and upward Or learn to live with the pain The precipice is sharp But it’s exciting And I’ll never know If I don’t fall

Wednesday was my husband’s 30th birthday. I came home from work to get ready for dinner that evening and found this on the floor: A single Cheerio, spilled during his breakfast. Something about eating Cheerios on the dawn of your 30th birthday tickles me. Almost as much as the fact that you would accidentally drop one on the floor, like a toddler. The evening progressed into a veritable sushi feast, however, so I feel both sides of the maturity scale… Read more »

My hunger for life grows stronger As my taste for mine expires The etiquette of the moment Seems positively crass And the only protocol Is to scream and cry And dissolve into a racing wind Until the moment makes sense again Nothing is forever Save what is cherished Nothing is gone But a speck in the hour glass And infinite moments Mean infinite Love And momentary pallor, the paucity of ruby Is swallowed by the vivid colors of life still… Read more »

Hello! So, if you don’t follow me on any other social media platform, you might have missed my thousands of updates and you might not know that I recently got married. It’s all very romantic and exciting. The most exciting part, though, is that I’m done with planning the wedding. It went beautifully, I only have two minor complaints not even worth mentioning, and I am married to the love of my life, heading toward a fantastic life together. But,… Read more »