12. Swirling, dancing white fairy lights And the magic born when two souls unite Head upside down But life just beginning Every inch of our souls Each other befriending Dear friends and family joyously cheer Each one a drop, a jeweled tear Time moves swiftly I think I am spinning But every moment with you Is one worth spending Together, to always, To husband, to wife, Now dawns the day Of the rest of our life

11. A small light beckons I am inclined to respond Its clarity burns a whole in my heart And fills it with you Now you pump my blood and keep me alive I wonder how I managed alone My haste would have me run But the You-Heart in me holds me back I cherish what I would have missed And how I love you and how I am ready for more In a flame, I recognize my grip on your… Read more »

10. Time is almost as ceaseless In its pursuit of me as you were But it is pulling me under And when I consider letting its currents take me You pull me up and remind me That what is a day in the scope of forever? What is a Wedding Day in light of marriage? And when I am shooting Blazing through the cosmos Expecting to crash and burn, You draw me in with your gravity And my orbit is… Read more »

9. The comfort of closeness Does not dull the pain of goodbye Much to my chagrin Nights without you As empty as the sky Between flood and covenant I, of limitless speech, Have not words that say How much I love you I, of numberless dreams, Yearn for break of day Just to reunite with you

8. I walked in my satin dress Single lily in my hand And I knew I could not look at you Or my heart would give out From the weight of my love Premonition and déjà vu all at once And I am blinded By glorious Light from the Son And anything I had not given before Is yours And everything I am Is in this moment that is That happened when I was born And that will happen In… Read more »

7. The most beautiful pain I have ever felt And you have finally Killed it The most painful love I have ever known And you have totally Healed it The most loving heart I have ever held And you have completely Given it The most heartfelt sorrow I have ever seen And we have forever Buried it

6. I once thought I was complete But I was half of what I can be Because you are the rest of me Half way, you and I Crawling toward forever Day by day Dissatisfaction in everything But us Death to what keeps us apart Half there, half nowhere

5. Excitement building Building family and tradition Traditions change Changing who is our family Family the gift Gift of the Magi Magic building Building, wrapping until I explode Explosive Christmas morning Morning has Broken The Son is my sun But you are my gift

4. And we’re off A sea of pressure More tears before the navy Planning and building And traveling the 99 seas To and fro, Waves tossing, pushing us together And we realized We need each other to survive

3. What is forged In the flame of passion Will never dull Will never fade What is promised By the metal of God Will never fold Will never break What is me, for you Will always hold Will always sustain