And we’ll leave. Not to flee, but to find How much we have When your hand holds mine And we’ll leap. Not to crash, but to fly On the limitless joy Of never saying goodbye And we’ll fall. Not to lose, but to gain This forever love Of the consecrated flame And we’ll die. Not in flesh, but to self So that together we’ll live To ring Time’s requiem bell

And though I ought not be Such a Pitiful Pearl The tears I shed are for me For the self I wish I was The me I am is fine The me I am is nice But slowly kills my mind With sloth and routine And everything else The me inside despises

Organically born From the dirt and your rib Now I return To the mud and Your grip And the call for rebirth Starts in the heart And permeates my flesh And I’m dancing, casting Out Demons and Words And the Thoughts and the Lies That have sullied my soul Today I am new And forever I’m pure Clean in the mud, Part of Earth, in Your blood And I’m singing Your praise For each day, it is so.

I am in a season of purging. Of Spring Cleaning and Life’s Meaning. I am purging toxins from my body and from my diet. I am purging clutter from my life and my home and that ever-looming To Do List. I am purging lies. Lies told to my heart. Lies I tell to myself. Lies that women are force-fed all day, every day. And it hurts. This Period of Purge, these Days of Detox. There are headaches and heart aches…. Read more »