Yours is unwritten And mine is untold Together we go And our stories unfold Travel we lands of plenty Carry we purest gold Together we go And our riches we hold Cross we icy waters Battle we bitter cold Together we go And love’s warmth enfold ****** Hope you all had the merriest Christmases! Love, Kaitlin

Haunted. By eyes that will not open And a heart that will not see The memory is fresh And the pain is all too real Tortured. By ears that will not hear And a tongue that will not love The lies are so heavy And the truth is too pretty   *** Snaps, Kaitlin

Hello, Just an update to inform you that I can almost breathe through my nose now. But not quite. I was feeling better but got re-sick this weekend. And then pile on wedding stuff that needed attending to, and, well, I don’t even know how so much time has gone by. Aren’t you just riveted? Here’s a heartwarming Buzzfeed article, since I can’t write anything worthwhile right now: Click here. Love you all, Kaitlin

Well, I never. Sorry for my lack of posts. I have been slowly being burned alive from within my body via existence of a righteous fever. Yes, under a fever. For 10 days. And then, this morning, there was no fever. I felt like myself for the first time in those dix days. But this evening it came back. Though much lower, and without all the chills and sweats and aches. So you’ll pardon my lack of blogging enthusiasm. Today… Read more »

I love party dresses. And I love the holidays. I love these two things together. I still have fever, so I have no clue what I’m actually writing. 1) Jazz Soiree Sequin Dress 2) Crafted One Shoulder Cocktail Dress 3) Cut Out Back Dress 4) Golden Girl Scalloped Brocade Dress 5) One Shoulder Draped Dress 6) Lace Fit and Flare Dress 7) Spark of Light Metallic Maxi 8) Sleeveless Colorblocked Maxi 9) Colorblock Maxi Dress   And those are some… Read more »

The heady rush of you Suspends the heavy push of time Until I turn and I’m alone Though forever you’ll be mine And each day’s joy Gives a dazed, reluctant kiss To the somber reality Of what you’ll surely miss The daily sincerity of us As we gaily dream of tomorrow Makes today merely bitter In what could be hearts’ sorrow *** xoxo, Kaitlin

Hello! Sorry I pushed Makeup Monday to Tuesday. Trucco is Italian for makeup. I was ill and by the time I was home after forcing myself to work a full day, all I could do was lay on the couch and whine for my doting fiance to bring me another sparkling water. So, ya get Trucco Tuesday, and you’ll like it, see? That was supposed to be a mobster voice, continuing with the Italian theme. Wow, really, Kaitlin? You’re going… Read more »