Happy Friday!!!!!!!! IT’S THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm hmm. I apologize for that. Anyway, perhaps it’s because, oh, you know, I’m planning a wedding. But I am seeing wedding-inspired style EVERYWHERE. And I love it. I’m particularly seeing more blue shoes than I’ve ever seen in my life. Let’s take a look at some of the best blue shoes I’ve found. This is the “it” trend right now– and a way for a bride to incorporate “Something Blue.” And I love it.

1) BoyntonBeach

These are classic and lovely.

2) Exquisite Entrance

These are absolutely stunning!

3) Berthina

These are so much fun, I can’t even handle them.

4) Updating a Classic

Such a gorgeous color. Please, someone, have a wedding of this color.

5) Wolny

If I do blue shoes, these would be my jam. Maybe.

6) Glamour Galore

Okay, I lied. These are my jam.

7) De Blossom Rory

I love all the blues in this!!!!!! SO CUTE.

8) Lindall

These aren’t suede, but they are the most perfect shoe ever. And if you are having one of those vintage-y, Pinterest-y, DIY weddings, these literally have to be your shoes, and you’re welcome for finding them for you.

9) Paisley Platform

These are gorgeous.

10) Fronime

Okay,I lied. These are my jam. These are the jammiest of all the jams. These are delicious black currant jam imported from England.

And that’s that. Y’all have a not-so-blue weekend and I’ll see ya Monday!

Don’t Step on Any of My Shoes,

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