And I’m not talking about this forehead zit.

It will not come as a surprise to you that I am a busy girl. I work hard, I play hard, and that makes me, given a spare moment, laze hard. I’m also a chronic over-committer, to the detriment of the “boring” things in my life, like laundry. Which is fine and dandy until I wake up and look around and see that my whirlwind of life has left me with a whirlwind of an apartment. Clutter… clutter everywhere.

I did so very good for a while, but I’ve been caught up in the romance of the love of my life, and that little thing called planning a wedding. Plus, Pinterest. My good gravy, how I love Pinterest. And unlike many a folk, I actually do some of the things I pin! And, in yet another area of my life, Pinterest has inspired me. I am going to de-clutter my apartment!

I’ve been reading up and studying and looking at various methods, but I’m going to make my own. I know that I want it done by Christmas, because in 2013, I want my only job to be maintaining. I am good at maintaining, as long as I don’t let myself stop. As soon as I put a stack of mail “for later,” my entire organization system collapses. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s how my brain works, and I have learned that about myself.

So what I’ve done is broken my apartment into chunks and given myself rules. They are as follows:

Rules of Being a Successful Adult (In Strict Regards to De-Cluttering My Home)
1. I must de-clutter one chunk a day. (Chunks defined in following section.)
2. I get one day off a week.
3. I can do more and get it done faster.
4. If I don’t finish a task, it’s okay. I just have to put forth my best effort.
5. If I don’t finish a task, I must continue to work on it the next day.
6. I must donate everything I don’t want to charity.
7. When I’m done I must maintain. (Method to be defined later.)

1. Entry hall
2. Top of stairs/Dining area awkward space
3. Kitchen Closets (Pantry and Laundry “Room.”)
4. Kitchen table
5. Bathroom
6. Living Room
7. Bedroom closets (Put all Laundry away and clean out closets and dresser)
8. Bedroom other stuff (Including jewelry collection)
9. Boxes in garage
10. A day of laundry, just to freaking finish it. My God. Also use this time to scrub and clean things like the shower and the microwave.

And that’s it. Those are my chunks. I have almost a month to do it all. Sooooooooooooo I’m going to do it! You’re welcome to join in if you’d like. Not that this is very inspiring to anyone other than me. But hey, who knows? The thought of bringing more stuff (i.e. predicted Christmas presents) into my apartment as-is makes me want to torch the place and become a gypsy.

Now, for maintenance. I think what will work for me is this plan, tweaked for me. (I found it on Pinterest, duh.)

Maintenance (Weekly):
1. Monday- Clean floors. Also, it’s “Mail Monday!”
2. Tuesday- Clean Kitchen. Also, it’s “Trash Tuesday!” Kick that crap to the curb.
3. Wednesday- Clean Bathroom
4. Thursday- Do your laundry, you dirty slob. Also this is a flex day because you know I skipped at least one chore so far.
5. Friday- Dust, polish, etc., and then relax in front of TLC’s wedding Friday.
6. Weekends- Enjoy being a freaking effective adult and have fun living in a stable home environment. Throw a dinner party. Live a little.

Maintenance- Daily
1. Dishes. Keep ’em clean, keep ’em put away
2. Dirty clothes go in hamper, clean clothes you tried on and then took off because they make your fat look fatter go back from whence they came (the closet.)
3. Jewelry gets put back into its proper organized area at the end of each day
4. Makeup gets put back into its proper organized area at the end of each day
5. Pick up any other crap you fling around.

Aaaaand… that’s my new life plan. I’ll let you know how it works out.

I Swear I Didn’t Make This Mess,

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