Happy Monday!!!! (Is there such a thing? Shut up, Kaitlin, and go back to bed like the rest of the world.)

I hope you each had an amazing weekend. I certainly did. I’m going to cut myself off before I wax poetic about loving being in love and get to the real talk. Makeup.

Please keep in mind that this was a runway look for Chanel, and as such, it’s messy, it’s bold, and it’s a little more than probably any of us would wear on the daily. I mean, I totally would, but I’m a makeup freak. Anyway, just know that a lighter hand, to your preference, will yield a BEAUTIFUL, wearable look. And, it’s insanely simple. Let’s take a look at the inspiration, shall we?

Behold!! The dusty, dusky tones of lilac and rose!

What You Need:

1. A smokey, matte lavender/lilac eyeshadow. Try MAC’s Digit, NARS’ D. Gorgeous, or the lighter shade in NARS’ Jolie Poupee duo, or Illamasqua’s Creep. Not to be confused with The Creep.

2. A matte almost-white eyeshadow. Clinique’s French Vanilla or MAC’s Blanc Type

3. A shimmery almost-white eyeshadow. Virgin in the UD Naked Palette would be lovely.

4. A black gel eyeliner. My favorite is Clinique’s, but MAC Fluidline is an industry standard.

5. A matte black eyeshadow. Any one will do.

6. A pinky, peach blush. Try Benefit’s Dandelion or Clinique’s Blushing Blush Powder Blush (Wish I was making that up) in Cupid.

7. A satin-y rose lipstick. Options include: Benefit’s SkinnyDip, NARS’ Dolce Vita, or any other lipstick that is “your lips but better, plus rose.”

8. Black mascara of your choosing.

What You Do:

1. Foundation/concealer/powder to your preference. Try to keep it matte and glowy (good directions).

2. Prime your eyelids to your preference and sweep the lilac eyeshadow all over the lid, through the crease, and under the eye.

3. Work the matte almost-white down from the browbone and blend into the lilac.

4. Run the shimmery almost-white along your bottom lashes, starting at the tearduct and going about 1/3 of the way in, blending.

5. Bring the matte black liiiiightly from the outside corner of your lower lashes in to meet the white. You can choose to do the lower wing, per the visual, or just keep it on your lashline. The choice is up to you! (Peter Pan? Anyone?)

6. Winged black liner. To tone this down, do a thinner, smaller wing. Or go bold.

7. Mascara, but keep it light. One or two coats, max. No clumps.

8. Blusher in the apples of your cheeks, swirling back toward your temples.

9. Lipstick


And that’s it!!!! I love this look and am going to try it soon myself. Hope y’all enjoyed it, and I’ll see ya here tomorrow, my pretties!

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— Kaitlin

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  1. marisaporter

    I just totally love this look and will recreate it some day when I have more makeup and take lots of pictures. And go on a date to drink coffee with a white knit hat. I like how makeup makes me feel like different personalities. You have inspired me!


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