Light Fog

The Charging fog
Charging like the last battalion
Charging like the woman
Whose therapy is retail

The Charging fog
Clouding my thoughts
Concealing my truth, swirling
with the lies of the past

The Changing light
Changing like the four seasons
Changing like the woman
Who has a date tonight

The Changing light
Coming from Him
Churning through you, burning
Through the memory of fog


He Who

He who fills my heart
Who built my heart
He who knows my heart
Who grows my heart
Has filled it with you

He who is my heart
Who shifts my heart
He who holds my heart
Who molds my heart
Has given it to you.


If You Seek Me

If you seek me, find me
With the one who has my heart.
If you miss me, kindly
Ask for me at the start.

For I end with him,
The one who has my heart.

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