I had no one and everyone in mind when I wrote this. Enjoy.


Stumbling, tired, through the woods
You come to my laughing edge
And then, you fool, you stop to drink
Teetering on the ledge

You fall into me, though I did not ask
To be so indisposed.
I keep you afloat and you smile and stay awhile,
Never dreaming that you’ve imposed

You whet your thirst,
And I refill, my Source much greater than I
You drain me more, you wash yourself,
Until entombed in your filth I lie

You leave as it pleases you,
Your pollutants in my crystal stream
But I don’t despise you,
I’m always giggling, unable to scream

Year after year, the same old thing,
Letting you use me, letting you live
And when my waters run murky and slow,
You demand of me more to give

Whose fault is it, weary traveler,
Whose mistakes have paved the way?
That you might bask in me, take from me
Love what you steal from me, each and every day?

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