Prepare yourselves for the worst story you’ve ever read. I don’t mean worst as in shocking or heartbreaking but still worth a read. I mean completely pointless and arguably mind-numbing. I know. With an intro like that, how could you not keep reading? I was thinking about London. This is nothing strange. I adore London. It’s my favorite city in all the world. Well, up to this point and being only 23 and having been only to London. I spent a glorious… Read more »

She wears woman like a weapon Her sex is her shield Perfume and parted lips Are the power that she wields Wrought from souless, spinning power Her iron will does not yield But instead absorbs their evil Herself to conceal Even her skillful, feline tongue Cannot tempt them to be healed Bleeding wounds of the soul They are the blight of man revealed *Author’s Note– This poem has been stuck in my head for over a month. It’s nice to finally… Read more »

Listen. I know you feel hurt. I know you feel abandoned. And I take full responsibility for that. But fear not, my poor, blog-malnourished children; I come bearing gifts. Yes! Tidings of great trends, foretold by yours truly. And by “foretold,” I mean “observed in various magazines and runway shows,” but, eh, semantics. 1) Red Lips Spring is all about drawing attention to yourself in fun and flirty ways. And what is more, “Here I am, adore me!” than red… Read more »