Doomed to fail Does that mean we shouldn’t try? A force to impale Better your head than mine Primed to inhale Does that mean I shouldn’t cry? So cyclical the tale Rather your heart this time Built walls to scale Does that mean you shouldn’t pry? A peek through my heart’s veil Nearer your prize to find

The swell of the sticking, sweetening Spurred by your love Formed by your kiss Forever wearing down a part of me The burn of the gaping, missing Fed by habit Birthed in spite Can never be filled again

The Little Drummer Boy has been one of my favorite Christmas carols for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I think it was because I related to it. A little boy goes to see Jesus, and he gets to bang a drum at a baby. As a loud and obnoxious child, that thrilled me. As a loud and obnoxious adult, I enjoy the carol because of the truly mediocre harmonies I’ve written that I like to… Read more »

Happy Monday! Only 12 days until Christmas! O, happiest of happies! If spoiling your loved ones or paying your heating bills has you strapped for cash, I just might have unearthed a very helpful,economical tool. It’s been a month since I first started my experiment. Read about it here. I have to say, I am mightily pleased. I’m not sure my skin has ever felt better. It practically glows from within. I love having my four minute mini-spa every day…. Read more »

Hello, lovers. I just wanted to take the time to sit down with you all and share a little bit about my life. Grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage, slip on your fuzziest pants, and let’s hang out. You know I don’t talk about work very often. I don’t believe it’s my place to take the workplace outside of the workplace. Nor do I want to do myself a disservice by saying something I really shouldn’t. And I… Read more »

Featherless wing on black concrete You weep and say, “It’s broken” But you bounce back all the same Happy again, if incomplete Pitiful fruit on a withered vine Birds of sorrow, pecking every day You can’t know how much they hurt Until your torment equals mine Sweeping winds of limitless rage You wrap around me, gradually The nest is neat, your arms are warm I don’t realize you’ve built my cage Sputtering flame in the grip of ice The same… Read more »