Hello, old friends.

Let’s gloss over my absence, my time-consuming job, and the part where I’m supposed to be writing my novel right now. Woooo, NaNoWriMo.

Let’s talk fall makeup. My friend C wants to update her stash. Music to my ears, my dear. Feast your eyes on some of my favorite ways to put the season into your makeup. The key, I think, is to incorporate fall colors

Think gold light slipping through warm leaves; the silver sheen of fog in sunrise; bonfires and cocoa and whatever poetic description there is of a steamin’ bowl of chili.

I love incorporating golds and warm, rich earthy browns into my makeup in the fall. Coppers and bronzes are just as lovely.

1) Face

Think glowy and beautiful all over. Autumn sunlight is beautiful and forgiving. For all-over golden goddess glow, I recommend Nars Albatross. If you can reach way back into your mind, you know I always passed it by because it looks gross and white in person, but once it’s on your skin… Aphrodite is jealous.

I know, it looks dumb. But I've never seen anything so gorgeous. Go to Sephora and play in it for yourself!

My favorite glowy gold blush is Clinique’s Aglow because it does just that; it sets you aglow.

Another one that looks run-of-the-mill in the pan, but is numba 1 stunnah on the skin.

2) Eyes

My favorite gold ever is Urban Decay’s Half Baked. They describe it as bronze, but it’s gold to me. And gorgeous.

You could buy this on its own OR go for the Naked Palette... I am obsessed with my Naked Palette.

For fun coppers and bronzes, my favorite palette is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Policy palette. You get 3 glowy earth tones and 3 fun colors! AND an eyeshadow primer. AND it’s on sale now!

Also, HELLO, there's a color called Glamazon. SOLD.

3) Lips

The beauty here is that you can do a pretty, soft, glowy neutral eye and punch up your lips with, say, a hearty brown, like the stunning Maybelline Color Sensation in Copper Charm. It is one of the most unexpectedly lovely lip shades in my collection.

'Twas what I wore in my recent foray into gypsydom at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

OR you could do a dramatic brown eye with a natural but shimmery lip. One of my favorite, universally flattering lipsticks EVER, I have to include Clinique’s Buttershine Lipstick in Adore U.

A stunning color with a lovely texture; somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick, but neither sticky nor drying.

To see most of these in action, you can revisit this post where I used a chunk of the products listed.

Also, one of my favorite fall transition looks right now is a brown or grey smokey eye with a pink lip. I have a convenient list here of some of my favorite pink lipsticks.

I hope that helps solidify some new things to try for fall! Nothing fancy; just invoke the innate warmth that is in the coolness. I realize that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but roll with me, Henry.

Half Baked Blogging,

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