Warning: This poem is going to be emo and probably rather nonsensical. Also poorly written. I feel it. Brick Wall Brick Wall, straight ahead Wishing I could fall instead Into darkness, into hush Rather than the scratchy brush Briar rabbit won the bet But my joke is hidden yet Plummeting would lend me speed But the Brick Wall won’t give lead. Brick Wall, pressing blind Into the crevices of my mind Can’t go back, can’t look down Can’t succomb, can never drown Piles pushing, up-sizing… Read more »

I LOVE TODAY. TODAY IS THE BEST DAY. Hmmm. So sorry. I seem to have been swept away by the promise of amazing deals. Shopping, and present-buying and spending time with my best friend and the official kick-off of the Christmas season… I am in heaven. Thrifty, thrifty heaven. I hope y’all had an amazing Thanksgiving full of, well, thanksgiving and that you’ll either spend today fighting for your life over perfect shoes or resting snugly in your armchair of choice,… Read more »

In the spirit of the holiday, I’d like to take the time to write down (and remind myself of) the many blessings in my life. I’m going to mention my people-blessings by name, so if my declaration of love makes you uncomfortable, tell me and I’ll plug in a more suitably anonymous name in your place. Like Buttface. Fair warning. I am thankful for my amazing family. I have parents who love and support me even when I don’t deserve… Read more »

Ladies. And some Gents. We’ve all been there. Excited to buy a new foundation. Approaching the counter (or the aisle in Walmart, let’s be real) with unashamed hopes, trusting the Sephora/Ulta/Clinique counter employee with all our expectations of achieving flawless skin. You try on their recommendation. And it looks lovely. So you buy it. And then the real world comes crashing down and you look sallow and possibly jaundiced in natural sunlight. Which really isn’t helping the fact that you’re… Read more »

You’re another deep And I’ve yet to have my first You’re finishing the bottle And all I feel is my thirst You’re in pieces But I’m there to pick them up Your problems are overflowing And I hold my empty cup You’re on the precipice I stand safely behind “fine” You might have been the taste du jour But at least I’m mine

I don’t really have anything to say. I am having one of those days. Not a bad day, per se. Just one where I kind of keep to myself. You know, the kind of day where you simultaneously want to sit alone in the dark of your room and scream from the rooftops that you’re grumpy? I’m just mopey today. I could go into the reasons, but they’re awfully stupid in the grand scheme of things. And I know that…. Read more »

My friends, I am embarking on a journey. An experiment, really. What if I replaced my skincare routine with organic, natural substances? And what if I swapped my shampoo and conditioner with common household ingredients that are in my cupboards? What if, indeed? Let’s talk skincare. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Oil Cleansing Method. If not, it’s the idea that “like dissolves like,” meaning that the harsh substances in our cleansers and toners are actually stripping away the good stuff in our skin,… Read more »

Friends, Romans, Countrymen- lend me your ears! I saw the sign, and Juliet is the sun. And I definitely think Shakespeare and Ace of Bass were birds of a feather. Maybe had the fates allowed them to exist in the same time they could have worked together. Maybe done a Youtube collab video. Really, the possibilities are endless. But I digress. I have come to tell you The Tale of my Toe; Or, Why All Young Fashionistas Should be Wary… Read more »

I’m dying. I have consumption. I think. I’m advertising this because I secretly hope that somewhere, somehow, Ewan McGregor is suddenly struck by a pang of longing for the greatest love he’s never known. But ’tis not meant to be, dear Ewan. I have a death rattle. It’s like a cross between a baby rattlesnake and a smoker’s cough. And my voice is a cross between Peter Brady in that one episode and mere squeaks of whispers. Also a smoker…. Read more »

Hello, old friends. Let’s gloss over my absence, my time-consuming job, and the part where I’m supposed to be writing my novel right now. Woooo, NaNoWriMo. Let’s talk fall makeup. My friend C wants to update her stash. Music to my ears, my dear. Feast your eyes on some of my favorite ways to put the season into your makeup. The key, I think, is to incorporate fall colors Think gold light slipping through warm leaves; the silver sheen of… Read more »