‘Member in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone when Harry’s in the forbidden forest and he finds Voldemort drinking unicorn blood? That is me over my coffee. Half-dead, sucking down the sweet nectar of immortality, dripping lifeblood down my sleepy jowls. ‘Member in Flubber when Flubber jumps into that guy’s body? That’s me when I see the pile of miserable papers I left myself over the weekend. Eyes wide, unbelieving, stomach churning. ‘Member Yao Ming? That’s me when I… Read more »

It’s closing time. Not the 1998 Semisonic hit; we’re closing for August at work. If you don’t work in an accounting department, it’s where the acct dept (that’s official lingo) processes and closes all business transactions for the month. If you do work in an accounting department, you’re probably still at work and/or passed out over a highball of your nightcap of choice. How to describe the sensation… it’s kind of like the first time you realized the meaning behind… Read more »

With her sons gallant and her daughters sure, Texas will rise. From a line in the sand, cleft evermore, Texas will rise. Lifted by the prayers and tears of her people, Texas will rise. In spite of the pain and the fears of her people, Texas will rise. Deep in the Heart, where a stronger fire burns, Texas will rise. Waiting until rain’s redemption returns, Texas will rise. Having never forgotten, among shouts of “Remember!” Texas will rise. Among ashes… Read more »