I’m sorry for my absence. As you well may know, I started a new job and while it’s lovely, I have been so busy the last week and a half it makes my head spin. I literally had no time to blog, because when I wasn’t working, going to Sonic for drink therapy, or sleeping, I’ve been working on my book as my (self-imposed) November deadline is swiftly approaching.

Now I know I need to blog ahead of time, so next month there will be no lull. Things are starting to slow to a trickle today, and I should be back into my normal swing by Thursday, I’m guessing. Sorry for the unannounced break, but I haven’t even been tweeting. You probably thought I was dead.

In other news, the write-a-thon/meeting with the editor was fantastic! Very motivating, hence why I’ve been pushing myself to write even though I’m exhausted and only slightly burnt out. Just the teensiest little baby bit burnt out. I’m sure I’ll bounce back soon.

Partially I’ve been being motivated by my blood oath (or a series of emails) with my friend C. She’s the Matt Damon to my Ben Affleck and a superior writer. We’re trying to log a certain number of writing hours a week, ergo, I MUST WRITE. I’m sure you’re all very bored with my inane ramblings and updates and you really only came here for the apology puppy.



 Does the body good,

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