Remember when I didn’t blog for a week and then popped back in for Fashion Friday? Remember when that Fashion Friday pretty much exclusively served my own search for comfortable, cute, and work-appropriate black shoes? Welcome to that memory in the pensieve that is my blog. Just go with it. If you’ve spent any time with me in the last month, then you’ll undoubtedly have heard about my quest for the holy grail of shoes; a comfortable, cute, work appropriate… Read more »

I couldn’t exist the lure of alliteration. May I also note that I’m writing this Thursday, August 18th at 11:20 p.m. and there was a creepy guy walking on my street and so if I am murdered, this will be the last thing I ever wrote. So YAY. Let’s talk fall. If you know me at all, you know that I basically shrivel up and die in spring and summer but I really come to life in the cold months…. Read more »

I have no plan for today’s post. Not that this is anything new. How long can you call something a transition period? Because I’m still trying to wrap my head around my new job, traffic (My God, the traffic!), researching my book, writing my book, having a social life, and that pesky little thing called sleep. As much as I enjoy the comfort of my bed, I would totally eliminate sleep if I could. When all humans are made in… Read more »

I wanted to be worthy, to be liked, to be you And so, hooked like a needle and thread, a stitch in your side, I became a leech. I wanted to be pretty, to be picked, to be yours And so, in vain I sucked the vein that fed your selfish pride, But pride I could not breach. (Read Crutch here.)

You had me in your clutch And I was eager to be held Until your mind faltered And I became your crutch. You limped along, unwhole And tried to tear me too Until the ligaments of my faith Bounced back and freed my soul.

Please tell me you’ve seen that SNL skit. Do yourself a favor and go watch it right now. RIGHTNOW. It’s old, from a time when Andy Samberg could be found neither on a boat nor doing the creep. But it’s worth it. I was reading in my new amazing book (What Jane Austen Ate and What Charles Dickens Knew) all about the gentry and nobility and the titled in Victorian England, and, yes, it’s enough to make your head spin. And… Read more »

Hola mes amigos. Can you tell I can’t speak a lick of Spanish? I’m pleased as punch because I just ordered some really, really exciting books to help me in my research for my book. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I love research, outside the confines of a research paper. I can’t even contain myself at the moment. There is so much to learn! I cannot wait. Not that I’ve touched my novel since Sunday, but still. I will. Tomorrow at lunch,… Read more »

LONG, WEARY SIGH. I’m sorry for my absence. As you well may know, I started a new job and while it’s lovely, I have been so busy the last week and a half it makes my head spin. I literally had no time to blog, because when I wasn’t working, going to Sonic for drink therapy, or sleeping, I’ve been working on my book as my (self-imposed) November deadline is swiftly approaching. Now I know I need to blog ahead of… Read more »