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I am pleased as punch, as it seems there was a unanimous vote to keep Makeup Monday! So yay! That being said, I’d like to mention again that if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for Makeup Monday, Fashion Friday, or the blog in general, you can reach me at

So YAY! I’m glad you guys voted to keep Makeup Mondays. I am very, very pleased. So pleased, in fact, that I’m hatching a vague master scheme! MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! And I don’t want to promise anything, so I can’t say any more. Yay, vagueness and capslock. I don’t understand why any of you came back to read this. You’re welcome.

Can you tell I’m trying to keep myself from working out? Because I totally am. In other news I’m finally going to cut my hair tonight! Yay! I finally splurged and bought some hair scissors (shears?) at Ulta because cutting your own hair doesn’t do you much good if you’re damaging your ends with dull scissors.

What else is new in my life? I need to find a chicken salad recipe. Any suggestions? I’m all ears. Well, I’m actually mostly fingertips and split ends at the moment. But I need to bring a chicken salad to the writing retreat thing and I have a couple of recipes, but I’m always wanting to explore more!

I had a dream last night about Pinterest. Seriously. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, allow me to play the Hipster and laugh at how uncool you are. Ha. Now then, if you like convenient lists of links and cool pictures and crafty things or foody things or fashiony things, then Pinterest is for you! I’ll invite you if you send me an email requesting one, or you can request your own invite via the site, but I am SO addicted to that site. You will be too, I promise. But I digress… I dreamt that there was a “Hulu+” equivalent to Pinterest and for uploading your own pins and paying a small fee, you could like, have access to THE COOLEST PINS IN THE WORLD!!! It was magical. And then I woke up, realized regular Pinterest is already the coolest in the world, and then I felt ashamed for dreaming about the internet.

What do you dream about? I’ve had some crazy dreams in my day. But that’s another post. In closing, thank you for reading my rambling, I hope you have an awesome day, and don’t forget to email me MM suggestions and/or to get your Pinterest invite, and/or because you just love to email. Because, seriously, who doesn’t love email?

On Pinterest and Needles,

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