Hello, lovelies!

I hope your weekends were grand. Mine consisted of lots of makeup and makeup shopping, chicken salad, and maniacally running over pedestrians in L.A. Noire. Pretty standard stuff.

I want to take a really unprofessional and informal poll:

Makeup Monday: Keep it or Loose it?

I love Makeup Monday, but they are quite time-consuming, and if not many people care about it, then I miiiiiiight be inclined to axe it. But then I get sad because I really do love it! Decisions, decisions.

Please leave your vote in the comments and I’ll use your votes to influence my decision. At this point, I might as well toss a coin because my pros and cons are equal.

In makeup news, I want the new Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette SO BAD. And of course it’s sold out. Because it’s the Naked Palette part 2. The thing is, the Naked Palette exceeded my expectations, which makes me want the 15 even more. Harrumph. I suppose it wasn’t meant to be.

I hope you can celebrate anniversaries to your heart’s content without “sold out” messages.

Please vote!

Indecisively yours,

8 thoughts on “Makeup Monday: To Axe or Not to Axe?

  1. Marquita Yager

    Uhm, NO AXE. How else would I learn how to pick out mascara, or how to apply? Because let’s face it, I’m kind of Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality sitting at a vanity of compacts asking “which one of these is the lipstick?”


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