I’m not even going to post this to Facebook or Twitter. Because it’s not really a post.

My final script is due tomorrow. It’s the last thing of the semester, the year, my college career. As soon as I finish, I am 100% free.

And I figure if there’s ever a time I can be excused from missing the occasional blog post, it’s when I’m finishing up a college degree. Because I am.

But I will be back in my full glory starting Monday! And by glory I mean hopefully better than the claptrap that’s been showing up on here recently. (Apology Puppies nonwithstanding.) I have two really cool ideas for short stories that I’d like to develop.

So here’s to next week, and here’s to the future. Thank you for sticking with me these past few weeks. It means the world to me. I will come back later and update the last lines of my script, because I really like the idea of commemorating the last written words of my college degree.

Until then,

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